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  1. What to do with old BMW MOA Magazines....

    Hi Team I'm in Adelaide Australia and have been a member for a long time. I'm just wondering what people have done with old BMW MOA Magazines? Have you stored them, given them away, popped them out...
  2. Anyone parted out a R1100 / 1150 GS?

    Hi Guys just wondered if any one had a left rear foot peg bracket for the above. Trying to finish off my project.

    <a href=""...
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    6V v 12V coils on an old airhead

    Hi has anybody change from the original type 6v Bosch Coils used on air heads to 12v versions of the same type. You know the old style ones we used to see on cars everywhere. IÔÇÖve just swapped...
  4. Thanks for the pic I need to go back out and do...

    Thanks for the pic I need to go back out and do some more trouble shooting! Cheers :thumb
  5. The Infamous Hedlight Relay with the extra tab 15....

    Hi Guys from wet Adelaide Australia....I have replaced my headlight relay with a
    standard configuration one that you can buy any where and seems to be the
    default supplied one now from Max's or...
  6. Cleaning Alloy with apple Cider Vinegar

    Hi all Has anyone used this to clean the rough alloy on a twin engine or wheel or final drive as I have read it in another post? If so neat or reduced? :scratch
  7. Greetings from nice warmish Australia

    Hi all I'm a long time Air Head BMW Rider, in fact I have owned my R90S for 28 years and have meet some of you on my USA Trips But 09 will be different I'm off to the Isle of Man Trip with seven...
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    Lightend Flywheel on a R90S

    I took mine many years ago to a big automotive machine shop and they can do it no worries. They machined large holes about 1.25 in diameter inches in the area underneath where the clutch disc sits....
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    Garmin C320

    Hi All Has any body ran one of these. Do they stand the vibration OK?
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    Garmin C320 on a Twin

    Hi all I have a Garmin C320 That I use in my car here in Australia, but when I come over for the Rally I would like to buy a USA Map SD Card and bolt it to the bars via a Ram Mount. I might have a K...
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