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  1. F mark on 1974 R90/6

    The F mark on my bike is full advance. Using timing light at approx 4k rpm. After static timing, my timing was way advanced. Closing points gap to .012 I could at least see the full advanced mark...
  2. third hand needed

    you are right about that!!! With no kill switch it would be a trick. I need to get a Bing book I guess. My Clymer and my owners handbook both say first notch.
    I never changed from second to first...
  3. Made in China points

    Had to dig through the garbage but found the box the points came in. They were made in China. However the rubbing block on the new points was no higher than the ones I took out. I compared them...
  4. A few things I learned about maintainance on my 1974 R90/6

    First, I got tired of my wife telling me I stink after riding the old bike. The mufflers were leaking so badly at the exhaust pipes from a split that I decided to replace them. I couldn't see...
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    I ordered a starter relay from Rick at motorrad electric. I made a diagram of the wires of the old one, but unfortunately I left one of the terminal spades off of my diagram. A new one is an option.
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    shorting out to set idle, but what about at highway speed?

    after finally getting my timing right (another thread), I decided to set the carb needles in the #1 position and see how it ran. It has always been in the #2 position, but the bike was running rich....
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    Had bad luck with last two Westco batteries.

    Replaced my 2nd Westco in three years with a Panasonic AGM. If I could find a wet cell battery with proper dimensions and proper ampherage (30) or so cheaper at an auto parts store, I would use it...
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    get it running and ride!

    to the closest rat-bike competition.

    ps, that is a joke, not to be taken seriously. I am anxious to see the final product!
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    finally, a solution

    After getting the bike static timed, I hooked up the timing light and found the F mark nowhere to be found.

    So I tried adjusting the points backing plate rotating clockwise and reset the gap to...
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    point gap

    thanks, I was concerned that if I had to start at 14 thousandths then I might have problems as the points wore. I am a little concerned with the mechanichal advance slop. There was a huge...
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    frustration, setting timing on 1974 R90/6

    After getting burned on an Omega ignition that didn't last a year, I swore I would never try another electronic ignition again. But I am rethinking that.

    I can barely get my old bike static timed...
  12. Thread: RT versus GS

    by dpmonk

    two areas the GS is better

    I have Jesse luggage on my GS. No way you can carry the same amount of stuff on an RT.

    I live where it is very hot and had a V Stream windshield installed by dealer at sale. I ride cooler than...
  13. Thread: 2015 Models

    by dpmonk

    comparing cost of motorcycles over the years.

    In 1975 I bought a 1975 R75/6 for $3000. It was stock, nothing extra. In 1975 the American average wage was $8630 per year. So the stock BMW cost 35% of the average yearly salary.

    In 2012, the...
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    I tried two of them.

    And quickly grew to hate them both. Think the first was an 83 and last was a 07. Nothing wrong with the bikes at all. For a whale they are very agile. I just was never as comfortable on them as I...
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    speedometer corrected

    Mine used to be 10 mph off, reading low. Had it rebuilt by Overseas out of Austin Tx, and it now is within 1 mph of my Zumo. I don't think the odometer was quite as far off as the speedometer. Is...
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    30k on my Gs and last oil change is the first time I noticed oil smell:

    May just be a coincedence but last time I went to dealer for 15w50 BMW oil when I got ready to change I discovered it was actually semi synthetic Castrol not synthetic Spectro oil in that BMW bottle....
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    slip a piece of paper under the brushes and read continuity between slip rings. If there is none you need a new one. However since the problems started after a tip over I would start checking...
  18. my Goldwing experience

    First of all I was supprised how well the GW handled. Then I actually drug my feet off the pegs a few times in sharp curves. My first one had a nasty habit of bouncing off the road if you happened...
  19. ebc rotor

    I put ebc rotor and ferodo sintered pads on my /6. It made a lot of difference in stopping ability and retains it's antilock feature.
  20. Thread: What battery

    by dpmonk

    answer to Global Rider

    As I remember the voltage was 14.3 at 4k rpm checked at the battery. I would check again but the battery now drops to about 4 volts when I hit the starter. I think I agree with you about the...
  21. Thread: What battery

    by dpmonk

    Westco battery kaput

    after 3 yrs and about 6k miles my battery went kaput. Have not been riding the old bike very much but did keep the battery at full carge with battery tender.
    This is the second Westco I replaced...
  22. Is that a wave?

    I thought they were pointing out the oil puddles they were leaving on the road!

    One think I always got a kick out of in New Mexico was that everyone waved at everyone no matter what they were on...
  23. Gulf Coast BMW

    I am very pleased to hear about the service you got at my 100 mile away local dealer. Gulf Coast has been one of my favorites for years and I finally had an oportunity to buy an 09 GS from them...
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    Those crab floats are a pain

    I had a 75 R75/6 that I bought new. Always regretted selling it and didn't get much out of it. As I remember it was somewhere arround $3000 new.
    I paid over $4000 for my 74 R90/6 and have put much...
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    adventure or standard?

    Seems to me that the GS and all the other versions are appealing to folks who like me, want a standard type bike that is versatile and can be morphed into anything from an off road type (GSA) to a...
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