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  1. Final Reply

    Well I brought the bike in and had the gear sensor changed just to be sure. The cost was $ 175 for the part and 3 hours of labor (little easier than originally thought). I also put Adventure tires...
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    Recommendation for BMW R1200 manuals

    Are there any recommendations for a comprehensive manuals for a 2005 R1200 bike? I had purchased the CD for the factory manual and have a copy of the Haynes manual. I was looking for a publication...
  3. Another reply

    Good feedback. I've enjoyed reading this.

    For the comments on maintenance. I use to do all my own maintenance on Harley's in the 90s but the Beamer with all the computers and electronics I've...
  4. Reply to my question

    Thanks for the reply.

    First to Tom. You think I'm not an avid rider but I have owned 9 motorcycles, have ridden in all 50 States and have traveled in 12 countries on motorcycles. I haven't put...
  5. R1200ST - to keep or not to keep - that is the question

    I've enjoyed these discussion groups since I normally get so many experienced comments. Below is the history of my 2005 R1200ST which I like but has frustrated me recently and makes me somewhat...
  6. Response to Don's offer

    I saw Don's offer to use his diagnostic tool and appreciate the offer. But from my observations where the sensor is located and my repair book's description on how to replace the sensor I can see...
  7. Reply to the gear position sensor

    When the neutral does not come on the bike will not start even if you pull in the clutch. Due to this problem I brought the bike in to a BMW dealer (Montgomertville Cycle Center in Hatfield PA) and...
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    Philly BMW motorcycle mechanics

    I just moved to the Philly area and wanted to locate a good bike mechanic. I live in Doylestown and would appreciate any recommendations for good BMW motorcycle mechanics.

  9. 05 R1200ST - Can not get neutral indicator

    My 05 R1200ST has 20,000 miles, is well maintained but has been giving me problems lately. When cold (I live north of Philly) the bike does not show the green neutral light until the the bike warms...
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    Blinking Lights

    Bob - I hope I'm putting the reply in the right place. My battery is very new 4 months old) and the bike stays on a trickle charger. Sorry I did not put this information in my original note. Thank...
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    2005 R1200ST - blinking brake lights

    On a road trip recently my brake lights went on while starting the bike and it took a few attempts to get the ABS servo running again. I've never paid much attention to this since the bike has been...
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    Difference between Oilhead and Hexhead

    I'm new to BMW and recently bought a 2005 R1200ST. I've been trying to find out what is the difference between Oilheads and Hexheads and can't find an explantion.

    So, to the BMW community what...
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    Handle bar risers for a R1200ST

    I have a R1200ST which I'm trying to raise the handle bars for greater comfort. I've found that A&S offers a handle bar kit for $ 580 which is located at...
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    R1200ST - handle bar risers/foot pegs

    I purchased a 2005 R1200ST a few months back and am interested in modifying the ridding position. I would like to put handlebar risers on the bike and possibly lowering the foot pegs to uprights my...
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