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  1. 92 k100 not running

    Does the air flow meter send signals to the ecu to keep the pump pumping? Could it be the problem? HES is the hall sensor? I will try re plugging in the ecu plug several times. I did check it...
  2. 1992 K100RS will start but not stay running

    92 K100 RS that will start but not stay running. It seems like the fuel pump is "not getting the information to keep running once the bike starts". Will not take throttle and kills. The fuel pump...
  3. Fuse

    I have checked the relay and the fuses on the side of the relay box. Are there more fuses somewhere? Thanks for your help. Larry
  4. 1992 K100RS will not start- fuel pump silent

    I have a 1992 K100 that is giving me fits. Will not start. I do not hear the fuel pump running. It needs a new battery which is on order, but I have the charger on the old one to provide power for...
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    1998 r1100rt

    I have a 98 R1100rt and it has a nice corbin seat. Its just a bit too tall for me with a 30" inseam. It works but I have to reach for the ground. Any ideas. Is it possible to rebuild my...
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    1998 BMWR1100 driveline lash

    New to the BMW world. Picked up a 98 with 19,000 miles. Nice condition. Question for all of you experienced riders. What is normal driveline lash? Mine just makes a click when I let out the...
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