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  1. couple more pics

  2. Updates to being broke down...Meet some great people.

    My trip started last thursday 7-24. It was a nice ride down from NKY to Maryville tn where i was going to spend the night. The plan was to go all the way down moonshiner 28 to SC the next day. After...
  3. Broke on Road...Hi Everyone, My GSPD broke a ujoint in maryville tn. Is there

    anyone close that my have a replace drive shaft that could help a fella out? i was headed to the dragon then going down moonshiner 28. That aint going to happen but im 300 miles south of home. there...
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    Hi BMWgsrider,

    we are a few miles apart. About 1100 or so. I see you have been banging out alot of miles on your 650. I did a 500 mile day on a klr I had yrs ago. Wasn't to bad. I'm trying to get over a torn...
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    Hi BWMBeauty,

    Thanks for your reply. I was worried I might affend someone posting a personal add here. Hopefully I am able to meet someone that lives close to me. I have been trying to meet a girl that rides...
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    Looking for a Lady that rides :)

    Hi Ladies. I didn't know where post so I thought this might work. I live in Northern Kentucky area and ride a R100GSPD. I would like to meet a girl to ride with. Someone with there own bike would...
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    So Sorry to hear about Dick Fish.

    I hope I am still riding at 70yr old....RIP
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