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  1. No ABS on my 2007 (I forgot to mention that)

    In re: brakeline length for barbacks.
  2. My new-to-me 2007 R1200R

    My new bike is black but lacks the white pinstripes thus reducing the top speed by.005 mph.

    I have Touratech #26 barbacks to put on it but am having trouble determining what length front brakeline...
  3. Bought the 2007 R1200R

    Thanks to all for your helpful advice. Went with the 2007 R1200R...very happy with it so far ... knock on wood. 8500 miles, looks like new, I think it has never even seen rain.:wave
  4. Thanks for your info on the 2007 R1200R. The...

    Thanks for your info on the 2007 R1200R. The fuel strip issue seems to be very hit or miss.

    Thanks again,

    Rick Finger
  5. Thanks David...very helpful info....hadn't heard...

    Thanks David...very helpful info....hadn't heard about the fuel strip issue previously. Never had a bike with a fuel gauge before but I bet, like most improvements, once you have it you rely on it...
  6. Looking for Advice/Opinions on R1200R model years: issues etc.

    After 65,000 miles on my 2003 R1150R, I am pondering moving up to an R1200R and have encountered two for sale locally, both at dealerships here in southeast Michigan. One is a 2007 R1200R and the...
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    Now ? NEVER......but I learned the hard way in...

    Now ? NEVER......but I learned the hard way in the '60's. Plenty of time and opportunity after the ride to imbibe.
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