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  1. Thread: Us421

    by chrisskor

    Great Web Site! Gravel? GPS Route?

    Great web site, great MC routes.

    Are any of these gravel? I don't do gravel very well.

    Do you happen to have Garmin GPS Route for these roads?
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    R120RT to Tellico

    A small group will be riding from Charlotte. I'll be on my R1200RT looking to meet up for some on-road only ride on Friday.

    --Chris Skor
  3. Packing Water? Ride Update

    Thanks for the all the great ride suggestions. I'll have to rethink my packing to make sure I have enough room on the bike to carry extra water for the ride across AZ and UT. Maybe I'll just strap...
  4. Best roads from Carolina to Denver to Oregon and back?

    I'm riding this July from Charlotte, NC to rally in Oregon. I've never been west of Denver before. Anyone have "roads you just gota ride"

    Route East to West:
    Charlotte July 10, 2013
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