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  1. Oil Filter Cover Screw Stripped 93 K75S Oil Pan too?

    arrrgghhh #$%^&*()!

    Should I just assume that the block (oil pan) is wacked now and I need to tap and re-thread?

    As I was putting in one of the three filter cover screws ( AS...
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    K75 plug and wire resistance and gap

    Wow, you'd think one could find definitive answers...

    1. Resistance in the plugs or no?

    2. Resistance in the wires or no?


    I bought a used 93 K75. The manual calls out Bosch XR...
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    K75s Windscreen alternatives

    About to ride from SoCal to Colorado. What are good alternatives to this postage stamp sized windscreen?
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    Thanks, I went to New Century BMW in Alhambra,...

    Thanks, I went to New Century BMW in Alhambra, met Jon Seghi who is in charge of service. He was polite, smart, and generous with his time. He came out, looked and listened to my 20 year old K75....
  5. Road Trip Planning L.A. through Utah to Colorado

    Planning a trip to Boulder from Los Angeles.

    1. How can I forecast weather across time and space? (oops, looks like and
    2. What do I need to think about for...
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    LA SoCal Mechanic Mentor Sought 93 K75S

    Noble Brothers and Sisters,

    I am hoping to take this new (to me) '93 K75S on a cross-country road trip this summer. I am looking for someone around L.A. to mentor me on the more advanced...
  7. Amazon says this (MAHLE Original KL 145 Fuel...

    Amazon says this (MAHLE Original KL 145 Fuel Filter) doesn't fit '93 K75S. But what do they know...

    Is there a good site with part compatibility charts?
  8. '93 K75S Inspection and Initial Maintenance


    This week I got a 20 year old bike (K75S) with around 110k miles for a (time will tell) good price. I took a risk in not getting a mechanical inspection. I have a few concerns with it which...
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    New SoCal Flying Brick Dude

    Greetings Noble Riders,

    I am all in. Bought a '93 BMW K75S this week.

    I live out near South Pasadena and also spend a lot of time in Venice.

    I do not own a car.

    Stay tuned!
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