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  1. Thread: can bus

    by beemerbum

    Updated, probably not...

    Scott, although I haven't confirmed first hand the output of the RT outlets, I would presume 10A or at worst, 5A, in which case the (standard) limitation remains. With most of my Beemers, currently...
  2. What do we need to bring for survival...other than gas.

    Snow, whats this snow crap? Not having made it to Frank's for the start of the GS Giant, was wondering what essentials for life are needed, or close at hand, less a cabin vice tent possibly. Are...
  3. First GS Giant Fall (down) - WooHoo

    All, greetings from Ottawa...this is now on the 'go to' list - great opportunity and looking forward to hitting (one way or another) the roads that (unfortunately) didn't get done.

    Email to Rick...
  4. Accessory sockets and fuse blocks

    On my '10 RT, as for the F800GS machines, I use the switched power wire from the diagnostic plug as the trigger for the fuse or power distribution devices. And as confirmed by others, the ZFE...
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    GPS mounting for 2011 RT

    Hi all...early last year after getting my '10 RT, I managed to get an early release Touratech bracket, round tubing style. It fits to the top bolts but two holes are needed in the front instrument...
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    F650 and F800GS Scottoiler and eSystem

    Greetings, its been awhile, but I picked up this older thread and some of the newer entries, so had to post. I did the original article on webbikeworld and it was for the Euro/Cdn spec machine, so...
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    SatNav (GPS) Mount for 2010 R1200RT Done and Done

    I just finished installing the new Touratech SatNav bar (bracket) component on my '10 RT and it seems to work fine...just need two smallish holes drilled dash for brace legs of component. My...
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    Working on some rear-mount options

    Working on building a custom bar bracket under rear rack that will provide for a CB mount (Firestick NGP kit on order) and possibly, the GXM antenna for the zumo 665 on the other side...separation is...
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