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  1. Much less than 2009 R1200Rt

    On my 2009 R1200RT 300+ is no problem. Averages around 45-46 mpg.
    On 2014 R1200RT the low fuel light trips around 228, but the engine isn't broken in yet. It's actually getting around 48mpg...
  2. Sticky: Poll: Waiting for the repair

    I chose the 2014 R1200RT for many reasons and none have changed. While I'm disappointed that I haven't been able to ride it this summer, I'm keeping mine and looking forward to the repair, while...
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    Try an R1200RT before you decide

    Welcome to the Forum, Jamie,

    I ride 10-15K miles per year, like you I often take at least one longer trip each year, and regularly commute to/from work. I have ridden my 2009 R1200RT (factory low...
  4. Just wondering...

    Is it possible we could be overreacting about a summer of doom and gloom? My new 2014 RT had less than 200 miles on it when I was encouraged to park it yesterday. While I'm probably no happier...
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    Yes - let's show off what we ride!

    I agree, Jackie. It would be great to have a place where we can all ride our bikes to the seminar, park them all in a row (so we can check out the diversity of our bikes) and get someone to take...
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    Check out Frey Daytona Lady Star GTX

    Frey Daytona makes great waterproof boots (a little pricey, but worth it in my opinion). They have flat, oil and slip-resistent soles (no heels to catch on footpegs). They have many different...
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    Michigan Ladies!

    Go for it Susan! It's a fun way to track just how far you've ridden each year. We entered the first time just to help boost the Michigan totals. It always amazes me that those of us in the frozen...
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    Hi Kelly, Nice to meet another woman on a...

    Hi Kelly,

    Nice to meet another woman on a Chromehead! I'll probably ride the RT this time. It's just more comfortable for longer rides. I'm in MI, so that's going to be a lot of miles in a...
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    As others have mentioned, BMW riders don't...

    As others have mentioned, BMW riders don't represent the largest segment of women at the AMA Women and Motorcycling Conference. My husband and I attended the rally in Keystone, CO in 2009 also and...
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