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    Lucky Guy!

    What a great stunt and surprise!:thumb
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    This thread reminds me of the time I killed a pending LT sale...

    A co-worker - who is a lifetime HD rider was right on the verge of buying a KLT a few years back. Test drove it at Chicago BMW, got the financing lined up, liked the color.

    The I told him that...
  3. Thomas is running the Campbell and Dempster too

    Whether he wants to or not! :laugh

    We shall see how the street bikes do - I'm just an average rider so compensate with a GS. :thumb
  4. Either or both.

    Both sides of the river offer good riding - On the Great River Road!
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    Note on heat and riding apparel

    The K-100 does throw off a bit of heat - I wore the BMW Summer pants and was fine, jeans would not have worked well in the summer months.
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    Beemerboy -

    I had a 85 K100RS and did a lot of long distance touring on it. As noted this tends to be a high reving engine, this does bother some people - it bothers the engine not a bit.

    I did the C...
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    Watson Lake - YT

    Hi - This will be my second trip onto the Gravel and dirt of Yukon and beyond. Back in 2009 I had my tires changed in Watson Lake before venturing onto the Campbell - I used a random shop that had no...
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    Watson Lake - YT

    Hi - This will be my second trip onto the Gravel and dirt of Yukon and beyond. Back in 2009 I had my tires changed in Watson Lake before venturing onto the Campbell - I used a random shop that had...
  9. Can't add anything to Lee's comments -

    But the K series is a great design and easy to wrench on. Oh, and the K75 is the smoothest bike I've ever ridden 400 miles in a thunderstorm on! :bow
  10. The team beat me to the punch

    Sticking micro switches can and will cause this problem, if left undetected the ABS pump will burn out. Don't ask how I know this.:sick
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    General compliants

    1. When I go to the site initially the site recognizes my IP address, but when I switch to the forums, I have to sign in again. This has been a recurring problem since the new site was launched. Am...
  12. Hmmmm.

    I think the the Good Doctor was buzzing The Cabot Trail so fast :nono that I didn't even see any signs for a Distillery. And yes, to be sure If I had seen it I'd have included the visit in my...
  13. Nice report -

    You folks look great together!
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    2005 R1200GS Battery tender question

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but my new to me GS has a feature/problem I've not seen before. On my previous 2003 1150GS and my 2004 KGT, I could simply plug my powerlet equipped float...
  15. About five minutes later the gentleman came to...

    About five minutes later the gentleman came to our campsite and explained that it was not traditional in Canada to tip the owner of the campground as he toiled on his business. He returned the money...
  16. Continued

    We made good time, even though my GPS directed us to a closed ferry, which led to us getting lost (sorry again Marwan) and eventually made it onto the Trail just after lunch. The Cabot Trail is...
  17. Continued

    We arrived at the Border crossing at around noon, I went first and was puzzled by the length of time the Canadian Customs agent spent examining my passport and his detailed and probing questions. It...
  18. Continued

    The next day we rode out to Maine...and the mechanical and electrical gremlins that lurk in all machines showed up. We pulled into the toll booth on the I-95 tollway in Maine Marwan's GS died and...
  19. Continued

    That day was spent riding in Vermont and New Hampshire, we camped in Eastern New Hampshire that evening...I then was reminded of several things...

    1. Marwan had never camped before...ever.
  20. Report continued

    I stopped by and briefly visited old friends and then headed North by Northwest up into the Berkshire Mountains of Western Mass. I rode thru Norman Rockwell country and wound up in Southern Vermont...
  21. Riding New England, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia - 2013

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"...
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    Just to pile on -

    Several Saturdays ago - a mom in a Barbie SUV took a crazy Ivan left in front of me at an intersection - chatting on her cell and from what I can remember no turn signal.

    2004 KGT - full brakes -...
  23. Stop at Betty's Pies for a meal or a snack

    Outside of Two Harbors in Minnesota.
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    Just viewed this piece after viewing your Alaska presentation -

    The food looks a whole lot better down in Mexico!

    Nicely done.
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    What a lovely presentation!

    Very nicely done...loved the sound track!:wave
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