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    post picture test

    Hi testing ability to post pic. Did i dood it?:wave
  2. This coming weekend is designated to check all...

    This coming weekend is designated to check all connections, by that time hopefully, the 33amp internal voltage regulator will have arrived. Thanks Lee for the link.

    I'll post the outcome.

  3. the lights do appear a bit "dull", I switched on...

    the lights do appear a bit "dull", I switched on the brights and they are well... bright in comparison. What am I looking for - any other quickie test I can do?

    The service log goes back to May...
  4. '93 K75RT Battery indicator light stays on

    93 K75RT~61K - 2 items for insight please - during yesterday's ride, the battery light stayed on and I noticed lots of back fire at least +10x, usually no back fire or very rare

    I rode 50 miles...
  5. Thread: K75 fuel use

    by bastian

    I average 40 on my 93K75RT

    I average 40 on my 93K75RT
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    691 paint code

    Thanks! Holt is shipping the color.
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    1993 K75RT - paint code 691

    I hope someone can point me to a source to obtain touch up paint (code 691) for my K75RT. - see comment below

    The fuel tank had a pin-size hole. The paint bubbled and...
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    BMW Countryside

    Congrats Carey! I'm looking forward to checking out the Countryside location.:clap Thanks for the good news.
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    Klassic K Klub

    Count me in

    Kathy Bastian
    '93 K75RT
    Palos Hills, IL
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    i opened my mouf too soon

    Gotta leave on Sat/Sun now as I need to ride via western TN to the rally - its an outta the way route to get there unless you wanna go otta your way, if so let's talk, otherwise I hope to meet up...
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    Can we leave Tuesday?

    I'm interested in joining a group yet want to leave Tuesday - I'd like to volunteer & get a good camping spot :dunno
  12. 93' K75RT - in the market for lowest seat i can find

    Thanks for the diaglogue on the K75 low seat. I've a standard (no pics to share what i have yet - i'll find some to post) low seat, rebuilt by rick mayer weave pattern. The rebuild lowered the...
  13. ride west postponed until my saddle arrives're scaring me
    especially the creepy crawlers
    naaaa - i appreciate any and all information - it can only serve / educate me
    I can't imagine the stunning scenery that is suppose to be...
  14. 1/2 cover vendors

    who remembers the name of the vendor at the rally for 1/2 covers or other vendors for a K75RT?
    also the replacement bulbs, where are they typically found - autozone ?


    laugh love live
  15. IL riders

    I'm interested in riding with fellow BMW's -and yes, for us working folks, "extra" time is always a challenge, so how about we invoke the strategy of "figuring it out and making it happen" ?
  16. burnszilla i think i have the high altitude loop...

    burnszilla i think i have the high altitude loop - the previous owner (cannuck) said he noticed she runs rich in higher altitude and installed it - i've not used it

    how do i search on the k-bike...
  17. hahahaha lmao ...don't pass gas.....too late-heh...

    hahahaha lmao ...don't pass gas.....too late-heh
    i've not yet heard that
  18. thanks jeremell- i love it already yeehah! ...

    thanks jeremell- i love it already yeehah!

    Devil's Tower? That sounds familiar - Its not the the same one as shown in the (80s?) movie Close encounters of the 3rd kind is it?
  19. specifics

    sorry raven, i'm still learning "etiquette" - thanks for the tip

    yes i've been told its big and i've not yet seen any of it heh
    except for a trip to napa/sonoma valley and vegas

    the west is...
  20. thanks for the insight - i appreciate it lots ...

    thanks for the insight - i appreciate it lots

    i use a bladder for hydration - i'm still figuring out the best way to access it, at present i stuff it in my jacket pocket

    I'm working on getting...
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    nice bike - the first gold one i've seen...enjoy:clap
  22. first ride west - tips/suggestions/cautions requested

    i'm a newbie rider, yet the west is calling for my 93K75RT and me to come and play - this is first trip out of the midwest - so any "look out for this" or "watch for this" and "go out of...
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