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  1. EnDuraLast Charging System

    Check this post about Matt Parkhouse's columns in the ON.

    He has something in November 2010 about...
  2. EnDuraLast 450 W charging system

    Thanks, Kurt. My original charging system (in a now 43-yr. old R75/5) was just not doing the job, especially in colder weather. I'm also running an H4 headlight, which takes just a little more juice.
  3. EnDuraLast 450w Charging Sysssstem/EnDuraLast electronic ignition system

    Hi all,

    Anyone out there had experience with the EnDuraLast 450w Charging System (32 Amps ) and/or the EnDuraLast electronic ignition system?


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    group camping for /5 riders at Salem rally

    If you are a /5 rider planning to attend the Salem rally and would like to camp with other /5 riders, please contact me offlist at Click Here to Email Me

    Roger Voelker,
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    calling all /5 riders

    As you know, this is the 40th anniversary of the final production of the /5 series. It is also the 40th annual BMW National Rally, so there's a special call for /5 riders to attend together as a...
  6. Looking for /5 and/or airhead riders in Tucson

    Hi all! Looking to contact /5 and/or other vintage BMW riders in the Tucson area, with the object of organizing some group rides. If interested, reply offlist at Thanks.
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    looking for a Glaser fairing headlight lens

    I'm looking for a replacement headlight lens for a Glaser Monza police fairing that is on an R75/5 that I'm restoring. Unfortunately, a rock broke the lens. It's a Hella and it's 7-1/4" (18-1/2 cm)...
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