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    Atlanta Job and Lodging

    I too work around the airport but live NE about 55 miles. Ugly commute
    If you are on a 3 month gig or longer, Peachtree City, a little town called Tyron next to it or Newnan. All should have...
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    Riders for Rally leaving atlanta on Wed

    As info we will have 3 riders leaving NE Atlanta (Buford area) for Sedalia on Wed.
    Plans are to meet at Cracker Barrel on 985 and Freindship rd around 0800.
    We plan to stop at Memphis area for 1st...
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    Ride to ralley from Atlanta Metro

    I will be heading to Sadalia on Wed from NE Atlanta on my K1200RS and a buddy on a 1200GS. Looking for several more riders. Will head out at Bfast and stop half way there memphis area.
    Head back to...
  4. Bike week and Key West

    My first BMW Bike week was 3 years ago at Holiday. That was the year we could have a camp fire and spend some quality time with many great Bimmer owners. And yes adult beverages, cigars, and bimmer...
  5. 2001 front rim

    As info guys the 1998-2004 front OEM BBS whell does NOT have a oreintation arrow.
    Just remember the ABS sensor is on your left arm side.
    The rear does. I am all set and ready to go:usa:bow
  6. D'oh for sure

    I looked at the rim and my tech manual. My elustrious tire shop reversed the tread on the rim, therefore when the tread runs in the right direction, the ABS sprocket is on the right side verses the...
  7. ABS Flash

    lostboy yes they do, and you are probably correct, the shop may have reversed it on the mounting
    The tire tread rotation is correct and the wheel is centered in the forks.
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    2001 K1200RS My ride

    I came off a 2001 R1200 BMW cruiser with 62 HP and went to a very low milage 2001K1200RS. Its been tweaked to 147 HP.
    I did the research and it was solid. This bike has super bike performance with...
  9. ABS Flash after new Tire install. 2001 K1200RS

    I just put on some new Michelin Pilot 3 Roads on the K. Wonderfull tires.
    I haven't dug into the manual yet, but thought it was easier to post.
    I have both ABS lights flashing together every second...
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    GA rider near Atlanta

    Ian, I believe so. Always looking for a riding partner.
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    NE ATLANTA RIDERS to Savannah

    Any body leaving from NE Atlanta, Lawrenceville area to Savannah on Friday????
  12. Moved to spring 2012

    Appears either SEC football or the Honey Do list is interferring with attendance.
    I will post a new date for the spring.
    Happy motoring !!
  13. NOV 5th Ride. Looking for a rough head count

    Hey folks, I wanted to see what we had out there as far as number of riders.
  14. Reminder for Nov 2 ride & Cookout from Atlanta to Warne, NC

    Hey greater ATL riders. We are still on for a nice cool ride and cookout.
    I just placed a link in the "Membership Opportunities" for a cabin we have in MTN's and the pavillion for the cook out. When...
  15. November 5th ride

    Kemosabe, where have you been? Last time was the BMW campsite in Daytona 2010. You headed to Key west! Must be nice to be retired brother!.
    I sold the R1200C for a little more ponies. Hope you can...

    Thinking about cooler weather and fall collors? I am for sure.
    I have access to a Pavillion with a fireplace and paved access just north 6 miles of Young Harris, GA.
    The plans would to link up at...
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    K-Bike Patches, decals

    I just migrated from an Oil Head to a 01 RS Brick. Do we have any decals or neat patches for the flying square missle? No mater what, the jacket keeps at least one boxter patch.
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    Light Bulb List for 01 K1200RS

    I just bought a 2001 without a manual. Is there a list of Bulb applications?
    I want to go to LEDs on the turn signals, brake and license light
  19. Electronic Copy of Owners Manual 2001 K1200Rs

    Any access for a copy on line for this bike? Or links to oil changes, bulbs etc?
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    New to K Bikes

    Just sold the R1200C Phoenix for a 2001 K1200RS. Took the plung and went with the brick.
    I found a 2001 with 9100 miles and over $5k in goodies. Wow what a BIKE!

    Amazing what technology and 70...
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    2004 r1150rt-p

    I just sold my R1200C for exchange of something a little quicker and smoother. I have narrowed my search a 1150RT or K1200RS.
    I am seeing a good deal of 1150 RT-Police bikes out there at good...
  22. K1200Rs

    Thanks guys. Everybody tells me to hang on to the RS. Truly it is a 209.6% gain in Horsepower from my "C" Did our Deutsche brethren put a crapload of throttle response in the design?

    Is the power...
  23. Going from a "1200C" to a 01 K1200RS, Questions

    Hey guys, I am looking to trade my 01 Phoenix for a 01 K1200RS with 8K miles on it.
    Is the Wedge engine as bullet proof as the rest of the BMW fleet?
    Are there any watch outs , service...
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    Moving from 2001 Phoenix to ?

    Folks, I have been a proud R1200C Chromer for almost 2 years. The 01 Phoenix has been a great bike to get back on the road with since my late twenties on a machine. I have met many a great bimmer...
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    Suggestions for my next BMW

    Folks, I have been a proud R1200C Chromer for almost 2 years. The 01 Phoenix has been a great bike to get back on the road with since my late twenties on a machine. I have met many a great bimmer...
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