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06-22-2003, 10:04 PM
I've got a '85 K100RS, To start at the beginning last fall after doing some hard riding in the mountains the bike started steering like the rear brakes were dragging and I could hardly steer the thing through even the mildest corners. After getting out the mountains I stopped for a rest. Checking the Brakes & Tires, everything appeared ok and air pressures were still good. When I took off again everything was fine, I wrote it off to pushing the bike too hard and over heated the brakes.
Earlier this Spring climbing up the mountains, I really wasn't pushing it or the brakes It happened again. I was convinced the brakes where binding so after receiveing the parts I replaced pads, Brake hose and rebuilt master cyl. & Caliper which both looked in excellent shape.
This didn't resolve the problem and what appears to be something seizing is getting more frequent. I changed the Final Drive & Transmission Oil which both looked good.
Yesterday while driving to the Honda Hoot for the first time it happen while just taking the Bike down the Interstate. I stopped on the side of the Hwy and checked if there was any heat build up on the front disks or where the bearings are in the center,Nothing cool as a cucumber!
I'm starting to think Transmission as I can still feel it with the clutch engauged but not in neutral. I tried simulating it this morning with the bike on the stand and engauged in 1st gear, I built up heat by dragging the rear brake occassionally till the cooling fan came on nothing!
This is getting unnerving the thought of a total seizure at speed, Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts, I want to go to WV in a couple of weeks but feel I can't trust her with a situation like this:confused: :dunno

06-23-2003, 12:58 AM
It sounds like you have done a reasonable job of troubleshooting the problem. Since the tranny and drive oil were clean, and with the fact that it does not do it when free wheeling, it sounds like a transmission bearing (or other) problem. I wouldn't ride much more if I were you.

Best of luck, I hope to see you in WV.

06-23-2003, 03:14 AM
Wheel bearings are good?