View Full Version : 2010 Forum Best/Worst Bikes of the Year ÔÇô Voting now open!

03-14-2010, 04:51 AM
Magazines publish their motorcycle of the year picks every year. We have spent the winter months talking and reading about motorcycles, going to motorcycle shows and posting on the forum. Now it is time to pick our bikes of the year.


Best Sport
Best Super Sport
Best Standard
Best Dual Sport
Best Sport Touring
Best Touring:
Best Cruiser

Best Wallet Bike:
Given your current riding needs and economic circumstances what bike would make you open your wallet this year?

Worst Bike of the Year:
This is the bike that makes you ask WTF were they thinking of when they built it. If your ____-in-law or worst enemy showed up on it you would take away the keys and call a cab to take them home instead of letting them ride it one foot farther.

1. The bikes you vote for must be 2010 models that are street legal and sold in the United States of America.
2. You may send multiple PMs but may only vote once in each class.

How to vote:
1 Send a PM to me with your class selection(s).
2 Only PM votes will be counted.
3 You may lobby and comment during voting but bikes in those posts will not be counted toward the vote total; only PM votes will be tallied.

Voting will close midnight Pacific Time March 28. I will do my best to post the results April 1. For a variety of reasons April FoolÔÇÖs day seems like the right day to announce the winners.

Have fun and let the voting begin.

03-21-2010, 03:42 PM
Voting is still open. I have received a very limited number of them so far. No hidden agenda in this just thought we could have some fun playing editor and selecting the best and worst of the year.