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10-07-2009, 02:14 PM
BMW is reporting improvements in cage sales but is following the rest of the motorcycle builders with a decrease in motorcycle sales for September and the year to date ÔÇô

ÔÇ£In September BMW Motorrad sold 7,715 (prev. yr. 7,802 / -1.1%) motorcycles worldwide. For the year to the end of September, 69,715 (prev. yr. 80,750 / -13.7%) motorcycles were delivered to customers.ÔÇØ

It is clearly shaping up to be a down year for BMW Motorrad but is the worst to come in 2010 and beyond? The y-t-d decline is roughly half of what Harley Davidson recently reported and no where near the 50% decrease in August production the Japanese big four experienced but what do their experiences hold in store for BMW? BMW has traditionally a destination brand, one that riders moved up to after starting on other bikes. It has captured riders from the big four moving up into touring bikes and laterally from brands like H-D. With major sales declines in other brands where will the riders come from?

BMW Group reports slight increase in September salesÔÇó 07.10.2009
ÔÇó Press Release
Robertson: further gains expected over coming months
MINI brand grows by 9.5% in September

Munich. The BMW Group reported an increase in global sales in September. The company sold a total of 122,354 (prev. yr. 121,492) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles in the month under review ÔÇô an increase of 0.7%. As a result the company was able to continue expanding its market position in the premium segment and capture additional market share. Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: ÔÇ£For the first time this year we were able to increase our sales volume slightly in September. Provided there are no economic setbacks, we should continue to make gains throughout the remaining months of the year: Not least thanks to the new BMW models X1 and 5 Series Gran Turismo, which will join our model range in late October and are already being extremely well received.ÔÇØ Robertson added: ÔÇ£There is a good chance that we will end this year with a moderate decrease in sales of only 10 to 15 percent from 2008 levels, despite difficult economic conditions overall.ÔÇØ

The BMW brand recorded 97,545 deliveries in September ÔÇô almost matching sales for the same month last year (98,744 / -1.2%). The BMW 1 Series (22,145 units / +3.0%) made gains in the month under review, and deliveries of the BMW 3 Series sedan (20,184 / +4.2%) and the BMW 3 Series Touring (8,100 / +9.3%) also increased substantially. The BMW 7 Series (4,336 / +51.1%) and the BMW Z4 Roadster (3,019 / +124.8%) reported particularly strong growth. Both models established a clear lead in their vehicle class in the key German domestic market within just a few months of their launch. The BMW 5 Series also performed well in September: Global deliveries were on previous yearÔÇÖs level at 14,773 units (prev. yr. 14,749 / +0.2%). Between January and the end of September a total of 777,455 BMW automobiles were sold (prev. yr. 928,230 /

Global deliveries of the MINI brand climbed 9.5% to 24,759 units (prev. yr. 22,619) in the month under review. In particular, the new MINI Convertible (3,870 units / +232.2%) launched in late March and the MINI One, available in Hatch and Clubman versions (5,534 units / +60.4%), boosted sales of the premium compact car brand in September. A total of 161,638 MINI cars were delivered to customers in the year to the end of September (prev. yr. 184,915 / -12.6%).

The BMW GroupÔÇÖs positive sales result for September was bolstered by gains in many markets. For instance, sales increased in EuropeÔÇÖs major volume markets, such as the UK, (24,590 / +1.1%), France (6,817 / +3.0%), Italy (7,678 / +2.1%) and Spain (3,996 / +7.6%). In September the emerging markets of Brazil (685 / + 132.2%), India (433 / +47.3%) and China (8,131 / +35.4%) once again enjoyed the strongest growth rates. China is now the BMW GroupÔÇÖs fourth largest single market after Germany, the US and the UK. Growth rates in South Korea (1,050 / +36.5%), Australia (1,989 / +34.3%) and Canada (2,742 / +36.5%) were also well over 30 percent. In the US, both the BMW (+2.1%) and MINI (+9.7%) brands were able to make substantial gains against the prevailing market trend. The BMW Group delivered a total of 19,175 (prev. yr. 18,506 / +3.6%) vehicles to customers here last month.

The Rolls-Royce brand sold 50 automobiles (prev. yr. 129 / -61.2%) in the month under review; 461 (prev.yr. 827 / -44.3%) vehicles were delivered to customers around the world for the year to the end of September. Ian Robertson: ÔÇ£Final preparations for the launch of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost are well underway. The 2010 order intake is very encouraging.ÔÇØ

In September BMW Motorrad sold 7,715 (prev. yr. 7,802 / -1.1%) motorcycles worldwide. For the year to the end of September, 69,715 (prev. yr. 80,750 / -13.7%) motorcycles were delivered to customers.
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10-07-2009, 03:11 PM
Times are tough - they were able to only move 50 Rolls-Royces........

10-07-2009, 03:45 PM
Times are tough - they were able to only move 50 Rolls-Royces........


Rolls Royce Motorcars is always something of an anomaly in these reports. These are new sales being reported but deliveries of cars reserved and sold previously. You may be able to walk in to a dealer an buy a used Rolls but you are going to have to wait for your new one in most cases. Rolls is at the end of its scheduled production run that was sold out for three years for some models and has not fired up the new completely. The new smaller model production is reserved already for over a years worth of production IIRC.

10-07-2009, 06:43 PM
That's incredible considering they are 280K and up! and thise are the "Stock" models