View Full Version : Cruise Control wont set when its below 65F?!?

05-12-2009, 01:31 AM
So I traded my 95 K75 in for a 09 R12RT. Beautiful bike, loaded with everything minus tire pressure sensors, and I love it... just one problem, that seems to be puzzling my master mechanic at the dealership too.

For some reason, cruise control doesnt like to work at anything under 65 degrees Fahrenheit (thats my best guestimate of the changeover point). They've replaced the switch in the clutch, adjusted the throttle, and even put the ZFE in the freezer to see if temp was affecting it (he had a GS with a similar problem tied to the ZFE a couple of years ago). Still it has the same problem... thing is I see it a 7A.M. when I go into work.. the dealership doesnt see it cause they dont get to working on the bike until 9A.M. and its been too warm.

I banged my 600 miles out in a week... then it spent the next week in the shop... they wanted to keep it longer, but I told them I wanted it back unless they had a fix. They hoped that it was fixed when they gave it back, and are still doing research... but the problem still exists. I dont want to leave my brand new bike with them for another week, while they randomly troubleshoot.

Anyone heard or seen of this before?

Thanks in Advance

B-1 Pilot

05-12-2009, 03:24 AM
Well... no. I have an 09 RT as well, and used cruise all winter with no problems, in temps down into the 20's. I'll be very curious to hear what the issue is if they get it figured out!

05-12-2009, 03:37 AM
Initial disclaimer: I'm new to the R12RT -- my experience is with R1100/1150/K12LTs. That said, here's my $0.02:

I saw this occassionally on K12LTs -- usually the issue was one of the clutch or front brake lever microswitches laying *juuust* on the knife-edge of engagement/disengagement (note: there are actooly several microswitches that can turn off the cruise -- IIRC, both brake levers, clutch lever, throttle rail, ?). You may have to methodically go through all of them to find the one that needs adjustment. The BMW wiring schematic is *very* helpful for understanding the system and tracing possible causes.

While the handgrip microswitches look non-adjustable when you remover the plastic cover under the grip housing (at least on the LTs -- I believe the RT has the same set-up), there's enough clearance where the retaining screw goes through the body of the microswitch to allow the switch to be slightly moved.

If you can get to a quiet place, slowly pull in the clutch lever and listen for the microswitch "click" (and here's the trick -- at least on the LT, there are *two* microswitches at the clutch lever -- one for the cruise interrupt, and one for the starter interlock). The first click will be almost immediately after the lever begins to move in -- if you hear the first click at just about the instant the lever begins to move, the microswitch needs to be rotated about its retaining screw to get it back away from the clutch lever rest position.

Sorry I can't be more specific -- you may have to simply methodically go through each switch one-by-one to identify the problem. If it were me, I'd do that before I started pursuing electrical connector and/or cruise actuator problems.