View Full Version : Touratech Brake! Light Issues

05-11-2009, 10:33 AM
This product is a Road Rocket item and consists of 3 small circuit boards, 2 hexhead machine screws, 2 nylon spacers and the allen wrench needed. The main board has 24 rear facing led's and 4 smaller led's aimed down at the license plate.

The boards replace the 2 tail/brake light sockets in the tail lamp. Installation is a bit fiddly but readily done in about 25 min from tools out to tools replaced. (Others tools needed are a #2 phillips and a needlenose pliers)

My reason for trying this product was to replace the dim stock tail lamps with brighter led's that are a better color and intensity match to the Hyperlites that I had already added. The Brake! light can be set in various flashing modes with dip switches and comes in default setting of "no flash". Because the Hyperlites already provide the flashing mode, I left the Brake! light in non-flash default.

The immediate result of the install is a mixed bag. The light accomplishes what I was looking for in brightness and color. However, it is not totally Canbus compatible when installed with Hyperlites (and perhaps without). My install is simply the direct replacement of the stock bulbs and the bike now displays a Canbus bulb fault.

I don't yet know whether this can be eliminated by some wire rearrangment or if I need to rig a Canbus tricking device or remove either the Hyperlites or the "Brake! device. Was doing this too late last night to continue and have a very busy and unpleasant work week coming so may not get back to it for a week or so.

Anyway, the Brake! light seems to work as expected re intensity and color but be aware that you may run into Canbus issues. The manufacturer's packaging makes no direct comments on Canbus issues and the info supplied implies compatibility for all RT models. (And it also has a wrong wiring color code info re my 2008 RT - the package describes the positive lead on the bike as orange and it is grey with stripes). So I wouldn't describe the product as well researched and thought out by people familiar with BMW bikes and their variations/modifications. It is simply a set of led's designed by people with that knowledge and some basic knowledge of RT physical setup.

05-13-2009, 01:40 AM
I installed one as well w/ same result. I figured it was because the load was insufficient. Called the mfg and they are sending an additional 75 ohm resistor to add to the existing load (50 ohms) which they think will be enough. The problem is of course that if the touratech unit fails there will be no alarm. The annoying part is that the computer SHOULD be programmable by the dealer to compensate for the lower current requirements. My dealer told me they couldn't do it and wasn't possible.
Overall I liked the unit and the way it installed but I don't like the exposed switch and pc board. Plenty bright and I like the flash patterns available. Once I get the resistor I'll put the unit back in and see how it works.

Dave Bogue
R1200rt 08