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04-27-2009, 09:52 PM
Took delivery of a black R12RT on Saturday. Rode it about 100 miles to get it home, but haven't had a chance to get back on it. Got every option except low seat/suspension, alarm and factory radio. Also got the 49 liter top case, BMW Godawful expensive tank bag and the plastic cylinder head protectors. What a sweet ride!

Two questions:

If the Owner's Manual addresses break-in, I couldn't find it. Dealer said no prolonged, constant rpm's and no more than 4k rpm's for the first 600 miles. The first part makes perfect sense to me, but the temporary 4k rpm redline seems to keep me close to the lugging zone. (Maybe that's because I'm used to riding transverse inline DOHC Japanese four-bangers.) Comments and/or a BMW documentation reference would be appreciated.

Secondly, the centerline of the wear pattern on the front tire is offset about 3/4" from the centerline of the tire. And no, the wear pattern is not offset to the left of centerline, as one might expect due to road crown; it's offset to the right. The wear pattern on the rear tire appears to be about dead nuts on the tire centerline. Anything here to be concerned about?


Tom K.
04-27-2009, 10:51 PM
Break-in is listed under the Euro term "Running In" on p.73 in my '06RT manual. It says for the 1st 600 miles:
Vary engine speed & throttle opening
Stay under 4,000 RPM
Avoid Full Throttle
Avoid Lugging the engine under load (I'd interpret that as under about 2,300 rpm as the hexhead is quite flexible at low revs)
And try to do most of the break-in on twisty, hilly roads.
(I normally do the last one as a matter of course, anyway.)

Personally, I gradually increased maximum rpms by 1,000 per 200 miles after the 600 mile service, so I wasn't getting to the 8k redline until about 1,400 miles. I don't know if this helped, but my motor now feels very smooth and powerful at 23,000 miles -and I've been averaging 50 mpg. Also, unlike the inline 4's you are used to, BMW boxers seem to take a long time to really break-in - perhaps 5 or 10k miles to achieve maximum power.

Enjoy your new bike.

04-27-2009, 11:08 PM
I didn't read the "running in" part until I got my brand new RT home. So I rode it like I stole it for nearly fifteen hundred miles. 26,000 miles and two years later it ran like a scalded cat and was smooth as silk. Never a "strange noise" or even any oil consumption between changes. So much for break in rules.

04-28-2009, 12:37 AM
Since no one answered your tire wear questions, I went out to the garage to look at the tires on my 2005 R1200RT. The tires are Metzeler Z-6s with about 4,000 miles on them.

The front tire shows wear that is off center toward the right as you are looking at it from the front, which would be the left hand side of the bike as you sit on it (the side the clutch is on).

The rear tire (same brand, same mileage) is wearing dead center.

My question is, "If this is a brand new 2009, which you just picked up and only rode 100 miles, how could you distinguish the tire wear?

Break in, according to the dealer when I bought my bike, was don't go over 4,000 RPM for the first 600 miles. Vary the speeds, with no sustained speed for any long period of time.

04-28-2009, 01:08 AM
Thanks everyone for the replies re: break-in. Sounds like my dealer was right on the mark per the Owner's Manual.

Fastdog, a wear pattern like you have, offset slightly to the left (clutch lever) side of the tire centerline, wouldn't surprise me, due to the aforementioned road crown. Mine is definitely offset to the right. How can I see a wear pattern after only 100 miles? All I can say is that there is a clear scuffed line right of centerline whereas the rest of the tire still looks shiny and new.

I would expect a wear pattern like I am seeing if I rode on the left side of the street, as in the UK, Japan, Australia. I doubt there is anything too seriously wrong, because the bike seems to handle fine and tracks straight. The wear pattern just has me a bit puzzled.