View Full Version : HID Auxillary Lights

03-29-2009, 03:27 PM
Has anyone tried the HID Aux. lights sold by Trailtech and Aerostitch with the built in ballasts? They are a little expensive for extra lighting but look like the real deal. 30 Watt draw and almost 2000 lumens in lighting with the ballasts built into the housing and in a realtively small package. I have halogen auxillary lights on my 1200rt now but would like more light than they put out.

I would appreciate your input before putting out over $300 for lights. Also, I like to adjust my extra lights so I can leave them on while on dim lights because I think that's when we need the light the most. For that reason I have always used "fog light patterns for the extra lights but not with the yellow light. These come only in spot or flood so I'd be interested in your thoughts about that also.


Dan Forker