View Full Version : Fuel gage quit on my '08 R1200GS

02-02-2009, 01:17 AM
Anyone had a fuel indicator go to zero on a 2008 R1200GS? I have plenty of gas but still reads zero. Save me a trip to the dealer with a quick fix if anyone knows some easy troubleshooting. (I have the on board computer with the fuel indicator on the left side. I get the fuel warning constantly while riding.) Seems to me I've seen this problem on either here or Advrider.com, I'll check there too.

02-02-2009, 03:19 AM
Hi, I have a 07 RT and had the same issue that was caused by having to many electrical items attached incorrectly for the system. I used the Accs. outlet .

Not sure if this is your case but I wanted to let you know my experience.

02-02-2009, 04:35 AM
No accessories on mine but thanks for that. I did notice on advrider.com it seems to be a fairly common problem.

02-02-2009, 01:23 PM
Friend of mines 08 did the same thing.Dealer replaced the reader strip in the tank to fix it.Best thing to do now would be setting trip 1 at zero on each fuel stop. Ed

02-02-2009, 01:24 PM
My '07 GSA1200 has fuel gauge issues too and fails just briefly after a fillup, but comes back to life in a few moments or even minutes. My dealer has been notified, before I left home on this trip and he says they have issues with these and have all the parts in stock to fix it under waranty, when I return to N.California. I am in Tucson right now on vacation. Apparently the fuel gauge systems have been failing a LOT, per my dealer info. and they have been carrying all the parts to do the jobs, without having to order anything in and customer waits:). Randy...PS; Big Bend NP.and many points all around there, here etc., riding the GSA 2400 miles, this past week. Happy Trails from Tucson.

02-02-2009, 01:42 PM
I bought a new GSA at Gateway BMW, St. Louis. The salesman said he filled it up for my ride back to Canon City, CO. Gas gauge stayed on empty the whole 800 miles back home so I just used the trip odometer and at or before 300 miles, I would just fill it up. Also, I think the reserve light is a different sensor and seemed to work. Got it fixed at the dealer in Colo. Springs on the 600 mile maintenance. No problem since then, 6 months and 5,000 miles.


02-02-2009, 01:49 PM
Friend of mines 08 did the same thing.Dealer replaced the reader strip in the tank to fix it.Best thing to do now would be setting trip 1 at zero on each fuel stop. Ed

My 2006, ST had a similar problem. I was riding along w/ 3/4 tank, and as I pulled away for a stop light the gauge started counting down, "miles to empty." I pulled over at a convenient place and opened the fuel cap, hoping to find some fuel in the tank! Sure enough, the fuel level was easily in view. Just to be safe, I then did a quick inspection for fuel leaks, found none, all looked good.

It was aggravating to set the trip meter and to ignore the flashing "fuel warning" light for the next several weeks, but I rode the bike until I could get a service appoint, using the "old" trip reset function to monitor my fuel. It's good that the trip reset option was available, but I almost put a piece of opaque tape over the "fuel warning" lamp to quite my angst.

The dealer had to re attach the fuel measuring strip, then recalibrate the fuel gauge to fix this problem. The cost was picked up under warranty, I paid for a regular 19,500 mile service visit.

I hope your problem is solved, w/out too much bother.


02-02-2009, 02:42 PM
I've had the exact same issue since I purchased my GSA in Sep 06. Dealer attempts to fix the problem have been unsuccessful. I pretty much gave up on it. I use the odometer and have learned what she gets in-town and on the open road.

I have also noticed that the low fuel light is actually spot on in my case.

All that being said, it is a pain that a 20K plus machine can't get a working fuel guage.:dunno

02-03-2009, 02:48 AM
A 20K plus machine with a crappy fuel manager? Mine just started doing this, slow to read full tank at fillup time. It starts working again within a short time, but you can tell its failing, right after a fillup. '07 GSA with 27000 miles now. I hope my dealer knows what they're doing, because it won't settle well with me to have a non functional system! I spent WAY too much on this bike to have a failure like this, so B M W better have a fix, imo...Randy

02-03-2009, 03:48 AM
Thanks for all the replies, I called the dealer today, got it in, they replaced the strip, recalibrated, and everything is good again.

02-03-2009, 04:20 PM
You are lucky. Mine read i/2 full as I ran out of gas the first night that I rode it, in the bad part of the city, in freezing temperatures. A cell phone and good club mates saved me. The strip in the tank failed at about 200 miles.