View Full Version : BMW Motorrad Navigator III

01-24-2009, 09:49 PM
I am considering buying a used BMW Motorrad Navigatior III. I would appreciate any in-site anyone can give who has one. How you like it etc. Thanks for your help.

01-24-2009, 10:59 PM
I've had one for two years and I've had no issues. I like the large buttons on the side. I'd get a sun cover for it if one was available. It's hard to read in direct sun light. I've used the blue tooth to bring in cell calls and sends to the unit in my helmet. It works fine for that as well. I'm hooked to the RT harness and it powers off with a delay. I'd like it to stay on but don't think it's worth the effort to rewire. Although it's large it works fine in the cage as well. The security lock is nice but I doubt it would slow someone down if they were determined to remove it from the bike.

01-25-2009, 09:51 PM
I have several different GPSs including a Nuvi on my car and an onboard GPS on my wife's car. For my money, the Navigator III is the best of all. The design is a bit dated but it has quite a few features that you won't find on a Nuvi. (For example, you can choose your map scale and the Navigator III will stay there. It will not scale in and out unless you tell it to. The Nuvi picks the map scale as a function of your speed.)

01-26-2009, 01:43 AM
I can't compare it to a NUVI since I haven't ridden with on. My only complaints are: (1) It washes out in direct sunlight. If the sun is behind you, the screen is difficult to read. To some extent that can be relieved by having it mounted low below the instruments where your body would block the sun; (2) The screen isn't bright enough on auto-brightness in the dark. There is no setting for the amount it dims, and it dims too much in night mode (used on both the bike and in my car..) I end up having to switch to manual brightness mode and up the brightness a bit.

Things that are great about it - 8 buttons so no need to use a glove on the screen. This is a BIG benefit for a rider (less distraction.) Bluetooth works great - I have a Jabra BlueTooth dongle that looks like a dog-tag (about the same size, a bit thicker) - it lives in my front AeroStich Roadcrafter pocket, and I use Etymotic 6i earbuds to connect to it. The GPS connects and I'm not tethered to the bike with a wire (with non-blue-tooth, I'd always walk away forgetting to disconnect and get the ear-yank as I did..)

Routing performance, tracking are all great, and if you keep the maps up to date (I update every 2 years, just got the 2009 maps) there is little reason to look for a new one. I don't need photo or music storage on my GPS, have them on my cell phone if I really wanted that sort of thing (I don't). And it does turn by turn street-name announced directions.

Good unit. I know it's a favorite with several IronButt friends.