View Full Version : Is Electric Wimpy?

11-11-2007, 02:02 AM
Okay, I know, I've gone soft in my old age and spent too much time on a sport touring bike (R1100RT), because I've fallen in love with the electrically controlled windshield (Just got back into bikes again five years ago. My previous bikes were uh...naked and long trips just beat me to death). But now with my easily, on-the-fly adustable shield, I'm as as happy as can be.

So here's my question to all you GS guys; Would you consider yourself a wimp if BMW offered an electrically controlled windshild on your bike or would you consider yourself fortunate to have the adjustability at the touch of a button? I love the minimalistic appearance and the dual pupose funtionality of the GS but man, I'm spoiled with the electric shield...up in rain and bugs, down in heat or slow through town...it's great!

So what do you think? And, has anyone tried to take the motor and switch assembly off, lets say a wrecked bike, to mount on a GS?...just a random thought for all you guys who spend more time here than with your wives.

11-11-2007, 02:26 AM
I am long past having to prove anything to anybody.

If I am comfortable, then I should be more alert are better ready to deal with things.

I love the windshield down, especially in the summer, and the nice smooth airflow.

This morning I raised it up a couple of inches to move the cold wind up to the top of my helmet. Much better.

I also have (when I need it) electric gloves, socks, and jacket liner. I ride unless there is ice or snow - worst was 18 degrees last year.. Do that with a naked bike if you like, but I'll keep my RT. :german

11-11-2007, 03:51 AM
What he said, comfort is not a bad thing.
And besides, the windshield is pretty cool. Gets some looks if stopped at a light and I give it a tweak.

11-11-2007, 07:35 AM
I love my electrically adjustable windscreen,heated grips and seat,electronic cruise control,linked ABS brakes.

My first bike was a 1971 Bonneville,pushrods and drum brakes.I did make it go 100 mph but it was a real effort.

I have no reason to apologize for a better bike!

11-11-2007, 12:47 PM
It's your ride, your time, your comfort and your money.

Do what makes your ride comfortable. Most BMW riders are not herd creatures so remember the DILLIGAF principle and get out and ride.