View Full Version : Spark Plugs for R1200GS

09-28-2007, 05:52 PM
OEM calls for Bosch YR5LED or NGK DCPR8EKC. I read that combustion chamber design is the main reason for not installing a traditional single ground electrode type plug. The two ground design ground electrode tip wears quicker hence the double design to extend plug life.

Some owners are using the NGK DCPR8EIX iridium single ground electrode. Is there an issue going outside of the OEM recommendations?

Also, NGK is making the DCPR8EKP which I was told by a NGK Tech Rep, that it is identical to the EKC but uses platinum instead of copper. However the C identifies the plug as "low angle ground electrode" and the P identifies platinum?

In any event, I sent an e-mail to our BMW service specialist. I am expect that the his answer will be, stick with OEM, which would be my decision but may chose the NGK.