View Full Version : Are GS bash-plates installed by the factory or the dealer?

09-04-2007, 07:54 PM
I wonder this because I was just just now under my bike to do the 600-mile oil change (360 miles late but don't tell BMW) and found that:

1) there were no nuts or washers (or any surface-marks on the plate that would indicate that a fastener was ever present) on the two rearward studs to which the plate is secured, and,

2) the studs were finger-tight in the engine, and,

3) the smaller of the two External-Torx screws that support the front of the plate was so tight that even the big giant Vise-Grips just tore up the head, leaving me to loosen the screw by rotating the entire plate once the other screw (which was not very tight) was removed, and,

4) the bolt and nut that secure the bracket into which the two aforementioned Torx screws thread were barely more than finger-tight.

Honestly, with almost 1K miles on the bike I'm not sure why the plate hadn't yet vibrated free or at least started making bad noises. The fact that the rear-end of it stayed on that long by the mere friction of the stud-threads really amazes me, as I have gone over some hard bumps.
I hope that the plate is a dealer-installed item, because if not, these findings will make me wonder if the bike is safe to ride.
And I'm not going to bother with having the dealer fix the fasteners. I'm just gonna go locally-source some washers and nuts and some non-E-Torx screws and do it myself; at least I'll know it's done right. Part of me is also tempted to leave the plate off though, as I don't ride in serious enough off-pavement conditions to really warrant it.

09-04-2007, 08:03 PM

you gonna give the feedback to the dealer so they can make sure they inspect other bikes that go out the door?

09-04-2007, 08:05 PM
It seems to me that this is precisely the reason that one has the dealer provide the 600 mile service in order to find these kinds of anamolies.

As to your question about who installs the plate, it doesn't matter. It falls to the dealer to inspect the bike before delivery. It sure sounds as though your dealer overlooked this part of the bike, something I would bring to his attention right away.

Just my 0.02. Good luck, Veg.

09-04-2007, 08:25 PM
Of course I'll let them know. If they found these items themselves though, I seriously doubt that they would tell me. And that bothers me too.

09-04-2007, 11:07 PM
Of course I'll let them know. If they found these items themselves though, I seriously doubt that they would tell me. And that bothers me too.

you mean theyd just tighten them up and never say anything?

what bugs me is that at the very least someone installed it incorrectly, or failed to put loctite on the nuts or whatever. then if they also sent it out lacking some of the nuts, that's even more disconcerting, because they didn't really check it over. regardless, i'm glad youre going to chat with them. i'm anxious to hear how they respond.

09-05-2007, 03:13 AM
THis is the sort of thing that the dealer, well, the 'tech' is supost to do/check at PDI, which by the way YOU payed for. The purpose of the PDI is not only to assemble parts not on in shipping but as a finale quality check to make sure EVERY thing is all right. Sadly in the motorcycle business this is not done very well. In the past 3 mon. I have perchaced two new BMWs at two differant dealers and have found similar issues. My GS Adv. did not have the heated grips,and they did not 'notice' untill I was there to pick it up(1200km trip). My RT had the front ABS sensor wire rub through on the rotor at 53km on the clock! Also found verious fasteners not to spec.(torque). The piont is go over the bike your self and check all the criticle stuff. Will give you peace of mind and also a good way to familerize your self with the bike.

Just my experiance, yours may differ


PS: dont forget that the german eng.s that designed your bike are not the ones that put it together, they are the low paid eastern euro. imagrants.