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06-21-2007, 08:19 PM
Here goes...What do the rest of you grey beards do to dtay in reasonalbe condition to horse the GSA around on the steep dirty stuff?

Last week, I went to Arizona and found a nice canyon to explore. Jeep trail at about 19% grade with run-off gullys running diagonally across the path. Never tried anything like that before but, what the heck, it's why I bought a GS!
No problems except for getting really tuckered out.

The temps weren't high - 92F and humidity around 12% and I was well hydrated and fed. The distance was approx 5 miles up and then back down. So, I was just tired not anymore sore than normal.

What daily routines are being used by you good folks? :dunno I can not run due to trashed knees but I can and do (try) to walk.

Of course the bottom line is that it was a blast :thumb , no damage incurred and I can't wait to do some more dirt!:dance


06-21-2007, 11:09 PM
Don't have a GS, but I swim 3/4 of a kilometre on each alternate week day, lift weights on the in between days, cycle 20 to 40 km per week on my road bike, and try to get in one serious squash match.

I like doing solo runs on my RS to regional rallies and to just keep going hard, and the program helps delay the onset of fatigue and resist debilitation from heat.

If I had a GS, I'd probably do a bit more work on certain upper body, lower body, and core anaerobic routines.