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06-15-2007, 11:25 PM
I'm just back from my 600 mile service. I had about 1050 miles on the odometer.

Fluids were changed, and the rear end got synthetic, as beemer suggests. The dealer strongly suggests crank oil that is Motorcycle Specific. Although he thinks beemer is a good deal for the money, he states that any brand is good, as long as it's motorcycle formulated.

Per my request, they check the head light elevation. I had lowered the bike in the rear, and have no good frame of reference from which to start, and no one to hold the bike erect on the wheels. They found it to be a bit high, as expected, and adjusted.

Both throttle bodies were a bit out. The set them, and suggested that if might be smoother. It is, I think.

No other problems.

I had used no oil. Mileage is running in the range of 48/49, and most of the driving is up, down, and sort of twisty to get to town traffic.

I don't have any real complaints about the windscreen. The dealer sells Z-technik, and recommends them because they are tough. The seat needs...attention. Mabye a Russell on down the road.

The bikes seems to have smoothed out, in all departments, from what it was new.

As an aside, I bought an irridium (sp?) shield for my Shoei. It seems to make a lot of difference on a hot day. I think I will be very happy with it.

The first service was part of the purchase, so I have no idea on cost.

I picked up a couple of foam covers for the grips, and will mess with molding them specifically to my hands. Don't know if that's going to work, but I will mess with it.

Also picked up a tire patch kit, and an electric pump. He did say that it will pop the Canbus system, so go straight to the batt. Initially, all I wanted was a hand pump, but he talked me out of it. I guess if one doesn't have 12V to air a tire, one probably isn't going anywhere anyway? I'm going to see if I can find a hole someplace under the plastic for the pump. Again, I don't know if this will work, but I will mess with it.


06-15-2007, 11:58 PM

Good deal on the 600 mile service. I dickered it into the price when I bought mine since I knew SWMBO would look askance at a $300 service bill a week after I bought the bike.

BTW - what model did you get?

06-16-2007, 12:08 AM

'07 R1200Rt with all the factory goodies...in blue. I don't think 300 would cover the service. They had about 4 or 5 hours of shop time at 70 bucks an hour plus the oil and stuff.

This is a small shop, but a damn good shop. Hansens, in Phoenix (Medford) Oregon. They treat the customers very well, are very knowledgeable, and say they don't know when they don't. To me, that's important.


Tom K.
06-16-2007, 12:40 AM
Gary, I bought the Airman Sparrow compressor and it works with no problem when powered by the (front) accessory outlet on my '06 RT. The manual is confusing as it gives both 5 amp and 10 amp limits for the outlet on different pages. Apparently, the 10 amp is correct. I haven't had to use it yet and hope you don't either - enjoy your bike!

06-16-2007, 03:31 AM

The unit I bought is a "Slime." Curious name. Relatively compact, and appears to be well made. I haven't tried it. Maybe tomorrow, if I get a chance. I didn't get a converter plug from beemer to cigarette lighter, and should have. I need one to charge the cell phone....or to play around with, and see where the canbus overloads. Next trip, I guess.

I still think a hand pump like the old airheads had would work well enough, but I'll give this on a shot. Most of the new hand pumps are so short that they would take forever to do a tire.

With any luck, we will never use any of them...or for the "other guy" instead of us.

good luck


06-16-2007, 06:16 PM
The name comes from the Slime brand of tire-sealant.