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01-02-2004, 05:50 AM
I was wondering if anyone here knows a lot about the workings of a 1995 K75. I have a miss in the engine when the bike is sitting still and the throttle is opened. When the bike is on the road under power I cannot feel the engine miss. This problem started last year and I was wondering if someone knows the fix. Or is this the way a K75 runs ? I have had it to several dealers with no luck , seems where I live the dealers just don't have the knowlege to fix the bike right.



01-02-2004, 09:51 AM
Paging Mr. Eilenberger, paging Mr. Eilenberger.

Red phone please.

01-03-2004, 06:27 AM
GK.. questions first:

What did the dealers say they did to try to eliminate the miss..

Is it really noticeable? All engine sometimes miss a bit at idle - more cylinders generally hide this.

Am I correct in assuming you have noticed a difference in behavior which is why you're asking?

Has the valve adjustment been checked?

Have the plugs been replaced?

Have you checked the rubber elbow behind the throttle position sensor (look at the rear of the throttle bodies - it's a kinda Z shaped rubber elbow about 1/2" dia) for any leaks or cracking?

Thats where I'd first look. These are all what I'd consider normal maintanence items to be checked on some schedule (such as every XX,XXX miles or every XX months, whichever comes first - I'd suggest using 12,000 miles and 12 months)