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January 1999 Board Meeting



JANUARY 23, 1999


CALL TO ORDER – Jeff Dean, President

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Dean. All board members with the exception of Jeff Dunkle and Robert Beeman were present. Others in attendance were Barb Zingre, Association Manager; Marilyn Roberts, staff member and recording secretary; Sandy Cohen, BMW Owners News editor; Ray Monroe, Advertising Manager; Sue Rihn-Manke, Ambassador Liaison; Michael Friedle, Rhinebeck Rally co-chair; Susanna Parkhouse, election committee chair and rally handbook author; Clark Luster, educational foundation task force; and members DJ Douglass, Steve Cantrill, Dick Molnar, Art Jacobson.

Jeff Dean read and accepted a letter of resignation from the office of treasurer received by fax from Jeff Dunkle. In accordance with the bylaws Article III, Section 5 Jeff Dean appointed Rob Lentini as acting treasurer, and at this time chose not to fill the vacant director position left by Rob Lentini.


MOTION (Betsy Dow, Pam Dempster) – Approve the agenda. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Betsy Dow, Secretary

Paul Glaves requested that the verbiage from the entire proposed amendment on page 7 of the October 1998 minutes be added to the October 1998 minutes.


MOTION (Jim Shaw, Rob Lentini) – Approve the October 1998 minutes. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

MOTION (Jim Shaw) -- move to call the question. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried. (Motion on the floor shall be called.)

MOTION ON FLOOR FROM OCTOBER 1998 BOARD MEETING to amend the bylaws as distributed to the board last board meeting and as published in the December 1998 issue of BMW Owners News. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move we approve the executive session minutes and the minutes of the conference call. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion carried.


MOTION (Paul Glaves, Pam Dempster) – The 1999 budget be amended by adding $6100.00 to the outside contractor’s line in the MOA budget to be allocated monthly over the first six months of calendar year 1999. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.


A business plan was submitted to the board of directors and strategic plan was added at the request of the President.

Susanna asked if the rally computer and software used by the Awards and Tallies Committee could be expensed to the 1998, 1999, and 2000 rallies. Steve Cantrill donated an HP660C printer for rally use.

The new computer system is working beautifully. A Y2K patch has been put on Novell. Word processor software is now MS Word and Corel WordPerfect for Windows 98. The database is still in DOS; iMIS will be installed February 15 and the two databases will run parallel until we are sure we can get all the reports and data we need from iMIS.

Barb was asked to detail by the next board meeting the method of employment of volunteers and consultants and whom she plans to use in the 5-year plan in regard to computer analysts.

PUBLICATIONS REPORT – Sandy Cohen, Editor; Ray Monroe, Advertising Manager

Sandy reported that Allie Bonvie, editorial assistant, has taken over the Flea Market.

Sandy just returned from the K1200LT press intro in San Antonio. The editorial office now has an R1100S and a K1200LT demo from BMW NA. These bikes are being ridden and tested. The magazine is actively looking for good articles to bring in new members, especially cruiser, S, and LT riders.

Sandy and Ray have established travel schedules, which include Daytona and a trade show in Indianapolis.

The board asked that Sandy share her editorial plan with them, at least quarterly. Sandy will make the plan part of her Publications Report at each board meeting.

Ray reported that 1998 was the best year yet. There was 4 color in each issue in 1998 and it appears that we’ll do that again in 1999. BMW NA has made a verbal commitment to have a full page in the magazine every month in 1999 beginning with the March issue. He is on target to meet 1999 expectations.


Jeff Dean presented the BMW MOA Distinguished Service Award posthumously to Don Douglass. Don’s widow, DJ Douglass, accepted the award.

COMMITTEE REPORTS – Greg Hutchinson, Ted Verrill, Sue Rihn-Manke, Pam Dempster, Susanna Parkhouse, Michael Friedle

Chartered Clubs – Greg Hutchinson was absent from the meeting but he sent a written report. The renewals were two weeks late in getting out; 76 clubs have renewed.

Web report – The web stat report indicates that there are a lot of hits on the Country Store page. He is working on that page and all products and an order form will be on one page; this page will be encrypted. Usage numbers in Ted’s report indicate that there are about 2000 to 3000 unique visitors to the site each week. Tom Keen is working hard on the 1999 rally page. The message board is very useful for members wanting to get together for rides to the rally.

Ambassador report – Sue Rihn-Manke presented the Ambassador Emeritus description to the board. Sue will obtain the Ambassador Emeritus nametags and give them to the seven Ambassadors who have requested Emeritus status.

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Pam Dempster) – Move to create the Ambassador Emeritus program. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Sue requested that Paul Glaves’ 1996 report, "BMW MOA Ambassador Program Report and Recognition", be put in the minutes as standard. Following confusion as to whether that report had been formally adopted by a previous board, a motion was made to adopt it.

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move the adoption of the report. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Sue requested that the board add the definition of Ambassador Emeritus to Paul’s report as the standard.

MOTION (Jim Shaw, Rob Lentini) – Move that the Ambassador Liaison be empowered to appoint Ambassadors Emeritus. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Future Rally Sites – Pam Dempster reported that she would begin actively seeking new rally sites now that the first part of strategic planning is complete.

Paul Glaves requested a year 2000 Midland, MI rally update from Sue Rihn-Manke, rally chairperson.

Rally Handbook – Susanna Parkhouse has been compiling. A meeting of Susanna, Barb Zingre, Sue Rihn-Manke, Pam Dempster, and Michael Friedle to discuss and perhaps resolve some issues was proposed for the following day.

Rhinebeck Rally – Michael Friedle announced the official rally name, "Rhinebeck Rally ‘99", and the official slogan, "Saving the best for last." Sandy Cohen said editorial support from the magazine would be the same as in the past, which is to run the committee chair list, pre-registration forms, and any PR supplied to Sandy.

Nominating Committee – Because of tight deadlines, Paul suggested those Susanna overnight identical election materials to both Betsy Dow and Sandy Cohen, with original photographs to Sandy, so that Sandy will already have the materials when Betsy approves them.


Clark Luster outlined progress of the educational foundation task force. Clark, Jeff Dean, Barb Zingre, DJ Douglass, and Marilyn Roberts attended the second meeting held on January 21,1999. The task force recommended that the board approve the creation of a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) foundation with a 7 person executive committee. Structure would consist of 13 regional trustees from the United States and the world, and a board of trustees at large, which will number 50 to 100.

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move the board of directors of BMW MOA endorse the concept of a BMW motorcycle educational foundation as outlined to the board by Clark Luster. Vote (Voice) on motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Investments – Rob Lentini reported that $200,000 from the closed Merrill Lynch account (approximately $600,000) has been put into an initial investment portfolio as outlined at the last board meeting.


Consumer Affairs Advocate –

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move that the board approve Rob Lentini’s proposal that he assume the responsibility as a consumer affairs advocate for BMW MOA. Vote (Voice) on motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Change BMW ON back to BMW Owners News – Betsy Dow stated that the name BMW Owners News should be prominently displayed without having to search the cover for it.

MOTION (Betsy Dow, Jim Shaw) – Motion to prominently display the magazine’s name on the cover of the magazine.

Contingent on the Publications Corporation board addressing the issue, Betsy withdrew the motion and Jim withdrew the second to the motion.

Building Fund – Rob Lentini proposed investing monies for eventual ownership of our own building in our existing investments and in the same proportions.

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move that the investment of assets in the building fund be invested along with our other funds as previously authorized by the board of directors. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Letter from "Oak" Okleshen – Barb Zingre presented a letter to the board from "Oak" Okleshen in which he wanted board action on whether he could change articles he had written for the BWM Owners News before they were put on the upcoming CD ROM. On advice from MOA’s lawyer the board directed Barb to respond to "Oak" with the board’s regrets and that his articles would not be reproduced in the CD.


Membership survey on the web site – Barb Zingre reported that the e-mail lists had favored publishing the data on the web site. Ted Verrill will decide what goes up on the web site.


Per mile business travel policy –

MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move that the reimbursement payments per mile by BMW MOA to employees, officers, directors and others entitled to receive mileage reimbursement be modified from 32.5 cents/mile to 31 cents/mile in accordance with 1999 IRS allowances.

Paul withdrew the motion; Jim withdrew the second. The motion was restated.


MOTION (Paul Glaves, Jim Shaw) – Move that it is the policy of BMW MOA to as necessary adjust the maximum mileage reimbursement rate to coincide with IRS allowances. Vote (Voice) on the motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.


Travel Policy – Barb Zingre proposed changes to the existing travel policy, which establishes guidelines for reimbursement of authorized travel expenses. Item F states: "Notification of all cancellations must be given to the office as soon as they are known to be necessary."


MOTION (Ted Verrill, Betsy Dow) – Motion to approve Item F. Vote (Voice) on motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

Sue Rihn-Manke brought a request to the board that Distinguished Service Award and Meritorious Service Award recipients are listed in the magazine on a monthly basis. The Publications Corporation board will make this determination.


MOTION (Jim Shaw, Ted Verrill) – Move that the next board meeting be held in the St. Louis metro area April 24-25, 1999.

After discussion Jim withdrew his motion and Ted withdrew his second to the motion.

MOTION (Jim Shaw, Ted Verrill) – Move that we meet April 23-25, 1999 in Rhinebeck and that the Association Manager and Rally Chair prepare an agenda to accommodate all the business items that we need to accommodate in those two days. Vote (Voice) on motion: 7 Yes – Motion Carried.

The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Roberts

Recording Secretary

Approved by Betsy Dow, BMW MOA secretary

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