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July 1998 Board Meeting

JULY 9, 1998


PresidentThe meeting was called to order by President Jeff Dean. Board members Robert Beeman and Tom Keen were unable to attend, all other board members were present as well as Barb Zingre, Association Manager.

Others in attendance:

Members and guests in attendance were BMW MOA staff member Marilyn Roberts, BMW Owners News Editor Sandy Cohen, Advertising Director Ray Monroe, Ambassador Liaison Officer Sue Rihn-Manke, Ambassadors Mae & George Glascock, member Cy Young and 1999 Rally Co-chair Michael Friedle.


The corrected April board minutes were approved. The correction as noted - Page 3, Paragraph 2, Last Sentence; "Publishers Press" should read "Heartland Press".

TREASURER'S REPORT - Jeff Dunkle, Treasurer

In terms of general incomes and costs, BMW MOA shows strong positives. The financial committee approved purchase of a printer and adopted finesses to the original proposed 1998 budget at the April committee meeting. The finance committee reviewed Merrill Lynch's investment income performance and recommended changes. The board authorized the finance committee to terminate the Merrill Lynch agreement, taking interim action with the funds. The finance committee will report on the investment funds at the next board meeting.

ASSOCIATION MANAGER'S REPORT - Barb Zingre, Association Manager

Barb has established an corporate account to enable board members to arrange air travel and motel bookings for board travel. The board authorized revisions to the travel policy with reimbursement for mileage at $0.32.5 per mile.

Barb will invite the auditors and the corporate lawyer to the next board meeting for further action on dissolution of BMW MOA as a California
corporation and creation of BMW MOA as a Missouri corporation.

PUBLICATIONS REPORT - Sandy Cohen, Interim Editor

Sandy reported attending the Ride-In Event to kick-off the "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit at the Guggenheim museum which enabled her to form good, solid relationships with BMW NA. She gave interviews with Associated Press, CNN and the local press media while there and gathered material for future articles.

Sandy presented proposals for rally handbook and flea market changes which were adopted by the board.

Color Art has implemented a change to overseas mailing of BMW Owners News resulting in improved service and an average monthly savings of over $200.

Michael Friedle, 1999 Rally Chairperson suggested marketing the international rally in publications other than BMW Owners News, emphasizing pre-rally publicity. He has recruited volunteers to develop flyers, articles and marketing strategies and is working with Pam Dempster, Sandy Cohen and Ray Monroe to further develop this concept.

ADVERTISING REPORT - Ray Monroe, Advertising Director

Advertising income is over budget for the first quarter. Advertisers are using more color ads than before. BMW NA has committed to advertising in BMW Owners News.

STRATEGIC PLANNING - Jeff Dunkle & Paul Glaves, Co-Facilitators

BMW MOA has contracted with a survey firm. Highlights of the survey and the strategic plan will be featured in BMW Owners News articles. Members can request the documents from the office once when they become available.

Committee chairs will be provided with an updated time line of duties, responsibilities and expectations for strategic planning once the survey is completed and reviewed.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS - Jim Shaw & Sue Rihn-Manke

As Ambassador lifestyles change, many feel the need to resign because they are not as active as they once were. Sue proposed an emeritus program which was adopted by the board which will allow ambassadors to voluntarily retire from active duty rather than resign from the ambassador program..

1998 INTERNATIONAL RALLY - Michael Friedle

The mid-week rally will be held July 13 - 16, 1999 in Rhinebeck, NY.


Rally sites have been contracted and secured through the year 2000.  Contracting for rally sites beyond that point has been tabled until after the strategic planning process is further along, though sites are being investigated.

The board moved into executive session to consider the managing editor's contract and ambassador nominations, reconvened in open session and promptly adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betsy Dow, Secretary
BMW MOA Board of Directors

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