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January 1998 Board Meeting


JANUARY 17 & 18, 1998

CALL TO ORDER - The meeting was called to order by Jeff Dean, with all Board members and Barb Zingre, Association Manager present. Others in attendance: Mae & George Glascock, Ray Monroe, Greg Hutchinson, Sue Rihn-Manke, Susanna Parkhouse, Nancy Sulfstede, Don Douglass, Marilyn Roberts, Sandra Cohen, Sandee Henderson & Shelby.

Jeff distributed a copy of his January 10, 1998 letter to Ed Robinson of BMW NA to the board and others in attendance. He also noted that the International Council of BMW Clubs (IC) meeting in 1998 will be held in either Canada or Australia. Jeff distributed a copy of the BMW MOA web site, updated and restructured by Ted Verrill.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES - The October 1997 meeting minutes were approved as written.

TREASURER'S REPORT - Jeff Dunkle reported that budget forecasting projections will not be possible until the year end audit is completed (estimated to be done by mid-March. The auditor's report should be available for discussion at the April board meeting. Jeff Dunkle recommended an analysis by the finance committee with presentation and detailed recommendations presented at the April board meeting. Contracting procedures were reviewed. Contracts and association manager recommendations are forwarded to the treasurer for review and approval prior to the contracts being signed by the association manager.

MEMBER INPUT - Paul Glaves, as parliamentarian, clarified a question of who may address the board at board meetings. If the chair person recognizes any individual, that person may address the board.

ASSOCIATION MANAGER REPORT - Barb Zingre reported that the 1998 Anonymous book will be mailed by March 15, 1998. Barb recommended a printing firm for the BMW Owners

News. The board voted to stay with Heartland Press on a month to month basis, or utilitze Color Art under the same provisions until a satisfactory printing contract can be approved. The treasurer will approve the month to month contract terms. Jeff Dean appointed Paul Glaves to chair an Ad Hoc Printers Committee to gather such data as needed to enable the board to make a decision as soon as possible. The committee will work with assistance of the association manager. The board authorized the purchase of the computer to meet office needs if the treasurer determines there are sufficient funds in the budget.


'98 RALLY - Susanna Parkhouse, Rally Co-Chair. Adequate additional tent and RV camping space has been secured; Missoula is developing a coupon book for rally attendees; the Missoula police are assisting with a parade tentatively scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on Saturday; the state police have printed flyers explaining what is meant by "reasonable & prudent" speed limits; plans are shaping up for a rodeo on Saturday afternoon. Information will be updated in upcoming issues of the Owners News and on the web site. BMW MOA members Vic & Helen Paladini wrote a letter concerning treatment rally attendees can expect in light of the treatment received by BMW RA rally attendees at Fontana to police in Missoula. Pete Lawrenson, Chief of Police responded. His letter of December 1, 1997, was included with the rally report. The board complimented the MOA Rally Masters, Matt & Susanna Parkhouse for their excellent performance to date in preparation for our Missoula Rally.

WEB SITE - Jeff Dean, President. The board passed a resolution thanking Ted Verrill for his volunteer work on behalf of BMW MOA in creating its wonderful web site and urging Ted to continue his exceptional and laudatory efforts on behalf of BMW MOA. The board noted that others assisted with establishing the initial web site, but as their names were not readily available, and not wanting to omit anyone, they were not included in the resolution. They will receive an appropriate certificate to formally recognize their efforts. The board passed a motion extending a standing invitation to Ted Verrill as Web Master to attend board meetings and be reimbursed for his expenses according to the board travel expense policy.

CLUB COORDINATOR - Greg Hutchinson, Club Coordinator. Charter club renewals are steady, 8 new clubs have chartered in 1997. The Rally Planning Manual will be completed in January and be available to charter clubs. Greg noted that Brian Curry as well as the AMA and MOA Chartered Clubs contributed to the format of the manual. Greg provides charter club information to Ted Verrill for the web site. Development of the MOA Charter Club Award recognition program is progressing. Jeff Dunkle will put the question of a Charter Club postage fund, so that clubs can send their newsletters to other clubs, on the finance committee agenda for inclusion or consideration in the 1999 budget.

AMBASSADOR REPORT - Sue Rihn-Manke, Ambassador Liaison. Sue proposed T-shirts for the ambassadors which would readily identify said ambassadors to the membership. Sue is reevaluating the ambassador program to develop an Emeritus program for board consideration.

EXECUTIVE SESSION - The board moved into executive session, then reconvened in open session.

PUBLICATIONS REPORT - Ray Monroe, Advertising Manager & Don Douglass, Managing Editor. Ray reported Owners News and rally program advertising sales are strong for 1998. The Anonymous book continues to be a tough sell. He recommended that dealers who advertise in the Anonymous book be listed in bold letters. Don reported that Heartland Press continues to make progress in meeting BMW MOA's publishing needs, however, consistently poor photo reproduction and mailing problems continue. An editorial plan/outline for 1998 was attached to Don's report. Don reminded everyone that the correct name of BMW MOA's publication is BMW Owners News which may be abbreviated to BMW ON. It is important to use BMW in referring to the publication so that ownership of the name does not become an issue if challenged by another publication. Jim Shaw suggested consideration of the following: 1) the editor's "wish list" be posted on the web site so that potential contributors know what articles are being sought, 2) submissions by contributors be acknowledged, 3) the publishing date be changed so that the magazine arrives prior to the first of the month. Don requested that complaints received by the board be referred to the office, so that staff can address the problems/concerns.

NEW BUSINESS - Jeff Dean. The board passed the following resolution: BMW MOA deplores the widespread, unfair treatment of BMW RA by local law enforcement officials during its 1997 rally in Fontana, NC. BMW MOA authorizes its president to support BMW RA in such manner as he determines appropriate, and urges its members and affiliated clubs also to support this effort. The board adopted a Web Page Advertising Links policy, a Membership & Rally Refund policy and policy changes to the Employee Handbook. The board empowered the Tech Committee to make a recommendation to the board on how to increase and improve electronic communication between board members and paid & volunteer staff.

ANNOUNCEMENTS - The October board meeting will be held October 17 & 18, 1998.

PLANNING REPORTS - Facilitators Planning Report - Jeff Dunkle, Paul Glaves. Each committee should have topics for inquiry to Jeff/Paul by the end of January for compilation. Barb has located potential survey vendors for the membership survey. Committee chairs were encouraged to use their best judgement in recruiting and/or accepting volunteers who want to be involved in the strategic planning process. Governance Report - Jeff Dunkle. Jeff reported on comparable organizations explaining election procedures employed, how the boards interact and react to the membership and staff. Jeff will have a more comprehensive report by the April meeting. Ed Youngblood of the AMA has invited the BMW MOA board to visit AMA headquarters and hold our April board meeting at their facility in Ohio. Jeff also reported that an invitation to attend a meeting of various motorcycle clubs at AMA headquarters in July has been extended. Jeff will update the board as details are received.

OPERATIONS - Tom Keen. Committee member Tom Harbrecht met with the office staff and conducted an operations review with them. His report has been submitted to Tom Keen. Tom Keen forsees that operations will need to expand horizontally, the facility is adequate and will serve MOA's needs for now, personnel is appropriately structured. Challenges facing the organization: revision of policies and procedures, defining the boundaries between the board and the operations of the organization, and fully empower operations to function as operations. This is crucial to implementation of any strategic planning. Tom Keen suggests the finance committee review the check signing process to simplify the system while complying with the by-laws. Rally Planning - Pam Dempster. Pam presented an historical outline of how BMW MOA runs the rally. The committee will again contact similiar organizations on their procedures for a comparative anaylsis. Membership Benefits - Rob Lentini. The committee compiled a possible list of questions/topics to be addressed by the vendor conducting the membership survey.

PUBLICATIONS – Paul Glaves. Paul forsees a number of questions relating to how the membership perceives the importance of the publication and the evolution of the editorial policies. The committee's next step is to ensure on going survey/research of how the magazine meets the membership needs. The committee will also pursue the issue of the web page and how it needs to evolve to meet the needs of the future, so far Paul has relied on Ted Verrill's expertise on this subject. Outreach - Jim Shaw. The committee will be meeting before the end of January to catch up on their responsibilities. The goal of the outreach committee is to use the Ambassador program as a starting point to address the needs of the club in representing itself to other organizations and its members in a professional manner. A report will follow. Report Wrap-Up - Jeff Dunkle, Paul Glaves. Paul anticipates that priority and crucial information needs for the survey will be addressed with each committee chair during the next six weeks.

The board meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betsy Dow
Secretary, BMW MOA Board of Directors

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