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October 1997 Board Meeting

OCTOBER 4, 1997



The meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. with all Board members present. Association Manager Barb Zingre was also present.

Others in attendance:

Sue Rihn-Manke (Ambassador Liaison), Michael White Baytown, TX, Susanna Parkhouse (‘98 Rally Co-Chair), Ray Monroe (Advertising Manager), Nancy Sulfstede (Accountant), Marilyn Roberts (Staff), Mae & George Glascock (Ambassadors), Lisa Ware (Staff), Al & Sandy Cohen, Webster Grove, MO Tammy Leuthauser (Staff), Becky Weber (Staff), Sandee Henderson (Staff) & Shelby

APPROVAL OF JUNE 1997 MINUTES - Secretary Betsy Dow

Correction (Page 5, paragraph 1) Insert : George Glascock requested the record state that his, Pam Dempster’s and Betsy Dow’s abstentions reflect their reluctance to discuss this issue in Robert Beeman’s absence.

Motion (Pam Dempster/Jim Shaw): Accept the minutes as amended.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

Copies of the meeting agenda as well as full copies of any report marked with an (*) are available from the BMW MOA office.

MEETING AGENDA* - President Jeff Dean

Motion (Jim Shaw/Rob Lentini): Adopt the October meeting agenda.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT* - President Jeff Dean

Jeff welcomed the new board. He noted that a president’s column will periodically appear in BMW Owners News with the purpose of providing information to the membership and asking members for input. Jeff and the association manager will establish each meeting’s agenda. Meetings will be conducted following Robert’s Rules of Order.

Committee Appointments

Parliamentarian Paul Glaves

Rally Board Liaison: Pam Dempster
Co-coordinators of Strategic Planning: Paul Glaves, Jeff Dunkle
Finance Committee: Jeff Dunkle, Chair, Paul Glaves, Rob Lentini
BMW MOA Club Coordinator: Greg Hutchinson
BMW MOA Ambassador Liaison: Sue Rihn-Manke

CLUB COORDINATION REPORT* - submitted by Greg Hutchinson

BMW MOA has 184 active clubs. The MOA rally insurance liability program was well received and will expand. The proposed MOA Chartered Club Award recognition program is on hold pending funding. The Rally Planning Manual for use by clubs to organize event(s) is almost complete. Greg Hutchinson, Susanna Parkhouse and Sue Rihn-Manke are coordinating establishment of a program at the National involving chartered clubs working a shift in the registration tent.

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF BMW CLUBS (IC)* - submitted by Court Fisher, attending in place of Jeff Dean at Jeff’s request.

Bill Doyle, nominated by BMW MOA, was selected as a Friend of the Marque. Others selected as a Friend of the Mark were Oak Okleshen, Peter Samuelson (posthumously), Friedhelm Gunther (former IC chair), Michael Isor (founder of the BMW model club). Court noted a full list will become available in the official IC minutes.

AG has agreed to continue Council support at current levels for the next three years

The 75th Anniversary year of BMW motorcycles is 1998. AG invites all national, regional, and local clubs to integrate a 75th anniversary theme into their activities. AG encourages national clubs to send participants to a four-day May 20-24, 1998, Berlin rally or to send greetings and/or to sponsor local activities or cosponsor dealer open houses on that specific weekend. A variety of 75th anniversary regalia, Anniversary models of the R11R, R11GS, R11RS and clothing, etc. will be offered by AG. BMW NA is working on a 75th Anniversary theme for the US

The 1998 IC meeting will be held in either New Zealand or Canada, dates to be determined.


BMW MOA bylaws state Robert’s Rules of Order must be adhered to for board meetings. Paul detailed the rules on Discussion, Voting, Motion To Call A Question, Types of Motions, Meeting Minutes and the Executive Committee. Paul noted that current bylaws do not provide for formation of an Executive Committee.

TREASURER’S REPORT - Treasurer Jeff Dunkle

The president and treasurer met with the association manager prior to the board meeting to immerse themselves in the accounting procedures used by BMW MOA. The contracted accountant and staff were in attendance.

In response to Paul Glaves’ request that the board be able to identify program revenues and expenses when reviewing financial reports, Jeff Dunkle noted that the accounting books are excruciating detailed. The capacity to reorient numbers to be useful for the board as management tools would exist if allocations are made.

In response to a question from Sue Rihn-Manke, Jeff Dunkle noted that financially BMW MOA is sound. Jeff Dean noted that he would reserve space in the president’s column for the treasurer to address this issue.

1998 BUDGET * - Treasurer Jeff Dunkle

Motion (Jim Shaw/Betsy Dow): Approve the 1998 budget as written with corrections.

Amendment to the pending motion (Tom Keen/Jeff Dean): The board do a formal review of the budget at the proposed April meeting and at that time the board will review the actual 1997 expenses. At that time also the treasurer will provide for an allowance for unexpected expenses during 1998.

Vote on the amendment: Carried unanimously by voice vote.

Vote on the main motion as amended: Carried unanimously by voice vote.


Anticipated 1998 income for BMW Owners News and Anonymous advertising of $317,000 is based on a proposed 7% advertising rate increase. In general, BMW MOA advertisers are satisfied with the magazine and are happy with their advertising results.

Jim Shaw requested that Ray take a pro-active approach and present an advertising plan to the board by the next board meeting.


Office Space - The five year lease with Scott Properties for office space was renewed in September.

Country Store - Barb is in negotiations with a fulfillment house to take on all the risks of the Country Store and will report as negotiations progress.

BMW Owners News - Barb will send out RFQ’s (Request for Quote) for the printing contract by the end of November. The current printing contract expires after the March 1998 issue is completed. Barb is reviewing the RFQ’s for the production and layout contract. RFQ’s were sent for the Anonymous Book. Barb will report when the responses are received and reviewed. Barb will schedule a publication meeting before the end of 1997.

Texas Rally Bank Account - Barb will transfer $30,000 from the 1997 rally Texas bank account into the reserve savings account and place the remaining balance into the MOA account to close the Texas bank account.

Advertising Receivables - Ray and Barb are working together to collect outstanding receivables.

Jim Shaw requested an expenditures policy. Paul Glaves noted that in his research, he could not find existing legal documentation conferring authority to anyone to enter into contracts on behalf of BMW MOA. Jim Shaw recommended that since finance committee recommendations are on the agenda for the next board meeting, that at this time the treasurer review and ratify the association manager’s decisions before contracts are signed. The board agreed to this recommendation.

1998 RALLY REPORT* - Susanna Parkhouse

Matt & Susanna visited the rally site in September. The site will more than meet MOA’s needs. Steps are being taken to insure adequate camping space. The County Assessor in Montana is handling Public Relations. Susanna, Tom Keen and Don Douglass will aggressively market the rally.

Motion (Jim Shaw/Tom Keen): Accept Susanna’s recommendation of rally fees of $25.00 pre-registration, $30.00 at the gate, and $10.00 Saturday day passes.

Amendment to the proposed motion (Pam Dempster/Betsy Dow): Remove the day pass from the motion.

Vote on the amendment: Show of hands - (6) no, (3) yes. Motion to amend failed.

Vote on the motion: Show of hands - (7) yes, (2) no. Motion Carried.


A workshop was held October 3, with seven directors able to attend. Susanna Parkhouse also attended. The process and methods of strategic planning were discussed, with the following areas developed - review existing processes, develop material and suggestions to improve existing services, increase revenue, be cost effective, and increase membership:

Chairpersons and possible facilitators (the list is not inclusive):


Chairpersons and possible facilitators (the list is not inclusive):
Area Chairperson Possible Facilitators
Governance Jeff Dunkle Tom Keen, Jeff Dean, Chick Morse
Headquarters Operations Tom Keen Barb Zingre, Robert Beeman, Deb Lower
Rallies Pam Dempster Susanna Parkhouse

Larry Stonestreet

Member Benefit Programs Rob Lentini Jeff Dean, Betsy Dow
Publications Paul Glaves Jim Shaw, Don Douglass,

Ray Monroe

Outreach (Ambassadors)
Jim Shaw Sue Rihn-Manke, Greg Hutchinson, Pam Dempster

The sub-committee reports and collected materials would be combined into a final report by Paul Glaves and Jeff Dunkle to be used to develop a combined member survey. The process should take no longer than six months with a preliminary budget of $5,000 until the end of 1997. A line item for the completion of the process would be anticipated in the fiscal 1998 budget

Motion (Jim Shaw/Rob Lentini): Accept the strategic planning report as presented.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

MERRILL LYNCH REPORT - Treasurer Jeff Dunkle

Merrill Lynch has 23% in cash and cash equivalent accounts and approximately 77% in specifically named stocks. Under the current system, Merrill Lynch cannot move the 77% funds without signature approval by various authorized BMW MOA people. Merrill Lynch has proposed a 1.5% fee to manage discretionary accounts with a risk assessment profile set in place.

Motion (Jeff Dunkle/Rob Lentini): Move that the Merrill-Lynch proposal to manage the BMW MOA long term member reserve fund of $387,000 - 23% to be maintained as cash and liquid funds, 77% in appropriate investments, for a management fee of 1.5%.

Vote on the motion: Motion carried by voice vote.

Motion (Jim Shaw/Paul Glaves): Adjourn the Board to Executive Session.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

OPEN SESSION - President Jeff Dean

The meeting was called to order and Jeff Dean presented an outline for upcoming board meetings.

January 17 & 18, 1998 Tucson, AZ*

April 18 & 19, 1998 Columbus, OH*

July 12, 1998 Missoula, MT

January & April meeting locations are tentative. A town meeting will be held at the rally, date and time to be determined by the rally chairs. The October meeting date will be set at the January meeting.

Motion (Paul Glaves/Pam Dempster): Move to approve the meeting schedule as outlined by the President.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

Motion (Tom Keen/Pam Dempster): The charter club liaison, ambassador liaison, the national rally chair(s) and the advertising manager be given a standing invitation to board meetings and be reimbursed for their expenses according to the board travel expense policy.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

Betsy Dow noted that she withdrew agenda items c & d under New Business.

Motion (Paul Glaves/Jim Shaw): Suspend the rules for George Glascock to address the board.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

LETTER TO THE BOARD* - George Glascock

George presented comments/questions regarding communications to and from the board; the MOA national rally; and comments received at mini-town meetings.

Communications - Paul Glaves recommended the board discontinue mini-meetings at local rallys. Jeff Dean noted that the suggestion for a column written on a rotation basis by the directors will be considered by the publications committee.

National Rally - Pam Dempster requested that George forward any materials he has on potential sites to her. As rally site chair, Pam encourages membership input. Training of future rally chairperson(s), awarding the person who locates and works toward acquiring a contracted rally site and selecting future rally chair(s) is part of the strategic planning process. Pam noted that Matt & Susanna Parkhouse will be working closely with the 1999 rally chair(s) at the 1998 rally to provide training assistance.

Jeff Dean thanked George for his input.

Motion (Jim Shaw/Rob Lentini): Adjourn the board meeting.

Vote on the motion: Carried by voice vote.

Respectfully Submitted,

Betsy Dow, Secretary
BMW MOA Board of Directors

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