BMW MOA Open Session Board Minutes
Spokane, WA
July 15, 2004

Present: President Hawk Hawthorne; Vice president Deb Lower; Treasurer Brian Mullins; Secretary Rob Nye; Directors Greg Feeler, Chuck Manley, and Karol Patzer, Out-going Director and 2005 Rally Chair Sue Rihn-Manke; Ambassador Liaison Don Faichney; ON Editor Sandy Cohen; Advertising Director Ted Moyer; Executive Director Ray Zimmerman; Recording Secretary Marilyn Roberts. Director Linda (Helen 2 Wheels) Hedden arrived after the completion of a seminar she was presenting
Director Michael Friedle was representing the MOA at the AMA Vintage Days.

Larry Hawthorne called the meeting to order

President’s Remarks

Larry Hawthorne opened the meeting by requesting a report on the election results.

Rob Nye, Secretary, reported that approximately 3000 members voted for President, Secretary and two Directors. Those elected were Larry Hawthorne, President; Rob Nye, Secretary; and Linda Hedden and Chuck Manley, Directors. Rob thanked the Election Committee comprised of George and Mae Glascock for their work with the Elections.

Larry thanked outgoing director Sue Rihn-Manke for her service on the board and presented her with an appreciation plaque. He welcomed Linda Hedden to the board.

Larry listed board standing committee reassignments. He and Ray Zimmerman are ex officio members of all committees.

Communications & Marketing: Feeler (chair), Nye, Hedden, Mullins, Friedle.

Finance & Operations: Mullins (chair), Nye, Friedle.

Rally & Events: Lower (chair), Patzer, Hedden, Manley.

Awards & Recognition: Patzer (chair), Lower, Manley.

BMW MOA board liaisons to the BMW MOA Foundation are Deb Lower and Karol Patzer.

Secretary’s Report

Greg Feeler moved, seconded by Deb Lower, approval of the minutes of the last meeting. Motion carried. Rob Nye reminded the board of the scheduled August 9 conference call to approve these minutes for timely publication in the BMW Owners News.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Mullins gave highlights of the 2003 fiscal year. Operating results were outstanding, with revenues 4.9% ahead of budget and expenses 1.7% ahead of budget. The bear market finally ended and the portfolio values increased. A formal investment policy was written and was adopted by the Board in January 2004. Year-to-date for 2004, Brian reported that Bill Knott has been hired as full-time accountant; he brings a high level of accounting education and experience to the job and can also support the Executive Director with special projects. Postings of all transactions are current. Mutual fund investments have been sold and the funds transferred to Mellon. The year-to-date operating results have been very good. Objectives are the timely delivery of accurate month financial statements and the writing of a formal risk analysis.

Executive Director’s Report

Membership: Ray presented a graph depicting growth in membership despite the economic downturn.

Membership programs: The roadside assistance plan towing mileage has been increased to 50 miles. Ray is working on additional benefits including hotels/motels and enhanced member coverage.

Marketing efforts: BMW MOA has a membership booth at Vintage Motorcycle Days with director Michael Friedle serving as the coordinator. We will again have a presence at the 2005 Daytona Bike Week and participate in the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows by attending 6 shows (Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis and Long Beach). Dave Mishalof volunteered to coordinate the Long Beach show.

Awards & recognition: 143 Helping Hand Awards, 3 Exemplary Service Awards and 36 Honorary Lifetime have been given.

Editor’s Report

Sandy Cohen reported that the magazine was mailed on time in the last quarter. The magazine contains an average of 116-124 pages and has more color advertisements. In response to some comments about a lack of technical articles on modern BMW’s Sandy reported that Oilhead tech is coming. The rally program, which was Jackie Hughes’ idea, has been well-received. The new format was well received by advertisers and Ted Moyer was able to sell more ads to offset the increased production cost. Sandy will report on the cost at the next board meeting.

In response to a question about more local club rally coverage in the magazine, Sandy responded that she does not receive many photos and/or stories from local clubs. She prints what she receives and if she does not get it, it cannot be printed.

Advertising Report

Ted Moyer reported continuing good trends. Advertisers were thrilled with the rally program format.

Rally Update

Jackie Hughes reported an attendance of about 4300 as of 9:15 a.m. this morning (Friday). Additional camping space will be opened in the south parking area. The Rescue Committee has picked up 5 people. Northern Lights Microbrew had sold 30 barrels as of last night; they expected to sell that much during the entire rally. Gray Buckley has been putting out a Daily Newsletter, which is tacked and taped at obvious places around the rally grounds. Hospitality is being run by the Washington State club. One of the Pioneers thought this is the best rally he’s been to. Rob Nye announced a seminar for those who want to know more about the website and where BMW MOA is going with it. Rob will be leading a ride of under-26 riders immediately after the board meeting.

Ambassador Report

Sue Rihn-Manke thanked the board for their support over the past 7 years in which she has served as the Ambassador Liaison. The budget has grown and there are now 164 Ambassadors, many who are working the rally. Sue resigned as Ambassador Liaison at the recent Ambassador meeting, and Don Faichney has been elected by the Ambassadors to fill the position. Larry Hawthorne recognized Don Faichney as the new Ambassador Liaison. Bob Beach has requested and been granted Ambassador Emeritus status.

Proposals Before the Board

Brian Mullins moved, seconded by Chuck Manley approval of matching funds, up to $1000, to contributions to the rally charity, the Northwest Inland Candlelighters. Motion carried.

Greg Feeler moved, seconded by Chuck Manley, to provide increased informational content to our membership and enhance revenue opportunities, it will be the policy of the BMW MOA Owners News to accept advertising consistent with our overall policies without respect to brand affiliation. Motion carried.

New Business

BMW MOA members have been invited to attend the Guadalajara, Mexico club’s convention in Toluca, Mexico on October 21-23, 2004.

Larry Hawthorne welcomed new board member Linda Hedden, aka Helen Twowheels to the board.

Board members will work a Beer Garden shift on Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Larry Hawthorne assigned a study of financial risk and protection to the Finance & Operations Committee and requested that their findings be presented at the October board meeting.

The Club Coordinator position is open and it will be filled. The name may be changed to Club Liaison. Club renewals were due June 30 and they are now being handled at the headquarters office. The Club Liaison will be the clearinghouse for club presidents and will attend all board meetings to report. The board will write a job description for the position.

The board presented Jackie Hughes with a card of appreciation for her efforts.


The October board meeting will be held October 16 in St. Louis. Sue Rihn-Manke suggested that board members would be better equipped to communicate and answer questions if they have seen rally sites, and suggested that the board have its fall board meetings at the following year’s rally site.

Board members will work a Beer Garden shift on Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Jim Shaw reminded anyone involved in the Closing Ceremonies of tomorrow’s 2 p.m. rehearsal.

On behalf of the Washington State Riders, Chris Hughes thanked the board and BMW MOA for coming to Spokane.

Rob Nye moved, seconded by Greg Feeler to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.


Rob Nye
Secretary, BMW MOA
Approved, August 10, 2004