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July 2001 Town Hall Meeting

BMW MOA Town Hall Meeting
Redmond, Oregon
July 19, 2001

President Paul Glaves opened the session with a statement of the purpose of the Town Hall meetings. Town Hall meetings allow the members to converse with members of the Board, paid staff and volunteer staff. Outgoing Board member, Tom Harbrecht, added that his time on the Board has been tumultuous but there have been great strides in the past two years, especially regarding professional management and financial security.

Bill Haugen of St. Louis asked what the Board's policy is regarding management of the paid staff. Will the Board micromanage the staff? President-elect Don Hamblin answered that the paid staff works for Ray Zimmerman; Ray is capable of overseeing the staff and the Board has entrusted that task to him. Jim Shaw replied that the Board has been accused of mismanaging the staff. He further stated that the Board as elected by the membership has a place in business operation but it should not manage the professional staff. The kingpin goal of the last two years was to get the business operations and day-to-day tasks professionally managed. Ray Z. reports to the Board but he has unlimited latitude in the office. Others pointed out that BMW MOA has a superb office staff. When asked by Mr. Haugen if this would stay in place, Paul Glaves said that it isn't guaranteed and that it depends on whom the membership elects to the Board. The membership should look for policy makers and not micromanagers.

Tom from Canada asked about membership costs to Canadian members. Membership in BMW MOA costs him $37.50 a year. The cost of airmail delivery of the magazine is keeping some Canadians from joining BMW MOA. A membership with the airmail option costs a Canadian $70.00 CDN per year. Jim Shaw referred this issue to Ray Zimmerman.

Don Faichney brought up a related topic: benefits for Europeans traveling in North America. Don Hamblin said this has not been a high priority subject but that it's part of strategic planning. Jim Shaw stated that the subject of reciprocal benefits is a complicated issue.

Bill Haugen said that he'd like to see the rally train concept continued. He very much enjoyed his ride to the rally even though it was a learning experience for Amtrak, especially regarding loading of the bikes.

Paul Glaves introduced Ed Youngblood, who has helped the Board clarify several issues and proved to be very valuable to the Board.

Jim Shaw commended the BMW MOA Foundation to members' attention. The Foundation is legally not a part of BMW MOA but there are ties. There will be an informative seminar about the Foundation later during the rally.

A question was asked about discounts in motorcycle insurance from Progressive Insurance. Ray Z. replied that Progressive is pulling discounts from all clubs except Harley Owners Group (HOG), but HOG's discount is only a small percentage of a section of each policy, so it does not amount to much. John May of The May Agency, which is BMW MOA's agent with Progressive Insurance, is talking with another agency that is offering better benefits for less money. Coverage in all states, or almost all states, is an important part of any insurance company that BMW MOA works with to provide discounts to members.

A question was asked about the location of next year's International Rally. Don Faichney directed members to the vendor building to see the continuously showing video about the site. The rally will be in Trenton, Ontario July 11-14, 2002. George Glascock added that the Rally Site Search team is continuously looking for future rally sites. Members of the team are Don Faichney, Michael Friedle, Dave Swisher and Larry Stonestreet.

A member pointed out that aluminum cans were not being collected for recycling and that recycling would be a great way for a chartered club to make some money. Oregon pays 5 cents per container.

Jim Shaw publicly apologized to Tom Harbrecht and the Board for an unnecessary comment he made to Tom at the April Board meeting.

Submitted by Marilyn Roberts, Recording Secretary
Approved by Deb Lower, BMW MOA Secretary

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