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July 2001 Board Meeting

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Board Meeting Summary
Redmond, Oregon
July 19, 2001

Present: Paul Glaves, outgoing President; Don Hamblin, President-elect; Jim Shaw, Vice- President; Rob Lentini, Treasurer; Deb Lower, Secretary; Directors George Glascock and Matt Parkhouse; Directors-elect Karol Patzer and Hawk Hawthorne; Ray Zimmerman, Executive Director; Sandy Cohen, Managing Editor; Ray Monroe, Advertising Director; Don Faichney, 2002 Rally Chair; Gray Buckley, 2001 Rally Chair; Sue Rihn-Manke, Ambassador Liaison; Marilyn Roberts, Executive Assistant and recording secretary; and various members. Board members absent: Ted Verrill and outgoing Director Tom Harbrecht.

Board Turnover

Paul Glaves called the meeting to order and announced the seating of the new officers and directors, Don Hamblin, Karol Patzer and Hawk Hawthorne. Deb Lower remains in her position as Secretary and Tom Harbrecht is not returning to the Board. Paul thanked the Board, and he thanked Ed Youngblood for his excellent consulting and guidance.

New President Don Hamblin appointed the Board Standing Committees: In ( ) are non-voting, advisory members.

Communications and Marketing: Shaw (Chair), Verrill, Hawthorne, (Cohen, Schmeisser, Advertising Manager, Chartered Club Coordinator, Chartered Club Representative(s), Dealer Representative(s), Ambassador Representative, Ed Youngblood).

Finance and Operations: Lentini (Chair), Shaw, Patzer, Hawthorne.

Rally and Events: Lower (Chair), Glascock, Parkhouse, (Michael Friedle, Current and designated past Rally Chair(s), Ed Youngblood).

Awards and Recognition: Glascock (Chair), Parkhouse, Patzer, Lower (Ambassador Liaison or nominating member, Chartered Club Coordinator, Chartered Club Representative(s)).

Jim Shaw moved, seconded by George Glascock, to ratify the appointments named above. Deb Lower requested to also serve on the Awards and Recognition committee, and that was acceptable to the President. Motion carried.

Don Hamblin reviewed the Board Committee assignments as indicated in the board books. The assignments are as follows: 

Communications and Marketing: Publications policy, web and traditional; Revision of "First Rights" policy; Advertising organization and future strategy; Member communications; Future of Country Store operations; Establishment of "Ambassador Involvement" program(s)

Finance and Operations: Update on current budget; Future headquarters location

Rally and Events: Advertising organization and future strategy; Future Rally sites;

Awards and Recognition: MOA Awards Programs 

Don Hamblin reappointed the current Volunteer Staff: Lyle Grimes, Mileage Award Coordinator; Greg Hutchinson, Club Coordinator; Rob Lentini, Consumer Affairs Liaison; Karol Patzer, Mileage Contest Coordinator; "Oak" Okleshen, Tech Correspondent; Dave Reynolds, Staff Photographer; Sue Rihn-Manke, Ambassador Liaison; Ted Verrill, Webmaster; Susanna Parkhouse, Rally Liaison. Karol Patzer will replace Tom Harbrecht as the BMW MOA Board Liaison to the BMW MOA Foundation. Jim Shaw moved, seconded by George Glascock, to ratify the Volunteer Staff appointments and Karol's position as MOAF liaison. Motion carried.

An orientation for new Board members will take place on August 10. 

The October Board meeting will be October 20. It will be a one-day meeting. Committees can meet before the meeting.

The President, Treasurer and the Executive Director signed the Executive Director's limit of authority.

Approval of the Minutes

Deb Lower moved, seconded by George Glascock, to approve the minutes of the April Board meeting. Motion carried.

Executive Director's Report - Ray Zimmerman

Ray Zimmerman presented the quarterly financial graphs to the Board. An updated document identifying pertinent information on all contracts was presented. The contract with Susanna Parkhouse for production of the Rally Manual is not closed out and fully paid. The final payment will be made when a rally timeline, computer disks and soft copy of the manual is delivered to the BMW MOA office. The organizational chart has been changed to reflect a communications link between Ray and the Volunteer Staff. The initial draft of the strategic plan is done. Progress on the strategic plan has slowed due to Board turnover. Don Hamblin tasked the new Board Committees to complete the related parts of the strategic plan.

Managing Editor's Report - Sandy Cohen reported that the magazine has been on schedule for the past quarter. The new printer, Kingery Printing, has completed three issues and there has been a price decrease on paper stock. Sandy produced business cards for the Officers and Directors, and for the Ambassadors. Sandy gave an interview from her home to radio station KDN in Ohio. The rally program increased revenues this year to $32K from last year's $24K.

Advertising Director's Report - Ray Monroe reported advertising revenues over $100K above last year at this time and thanks Ray Z. for help in implementing office procedures that allow him more time to sell. BMW NA is advertising in the BMW Owners News, and the relationship with BMW NA is strong.

Board Committee Reports

Finance and Operations - Treasurer Rob Lentini and the former Finance and Operations Committee proposed a dues increase to $32 per year effective January 1, 2002 with an option to renew at the current rate. Forty-four percent of BMW MOA's income comes from dues, which is in line with other organizations our size. Our major sources of income are dues, advertising and the International Rally. The rally is subject to market and weather. We can predict dues and advertising income, but not rally income. It is possible that we could have a negative cash flow this year. We cannot remove money from our investments because 1) it's a rainy day fund and 2) it supports life and multiyear members. Seventy-five percent of dues income goes to membership service and that figure should be less. Three to four percent inflation has been working against the club since 1995. Ray Zimmerman presented a graph showing the relationship between inflation over the past several years verses BMW MOA's dues increases. The graph indicated that our current dues should be at the $32 level, but they are not.

Rob Lentini moved, seconded by Deb Lower, that beginning January 1, 2002 that dues be levied for Primary Members at $32 for one year, $80 for three years, $125 for five years, $500 for Lifetime; for Associate Members dues will be at $8 for one year, $22 for three years, $37 for five years, $170 for Lifetime. Jim Shaw asked for consideration of an incremental dues increase to $29.95 on January 1, 2002 and $32.95 on January 1, 2005. When the suggestion received no support, Jim called the question. A roll call was held: Jim Shaw, yes; Hawk Hawthorne, yes; Karol Patzer, yes; George Glascock, yes; Rob Lentini, yes; Deb Lower, yes. Matt Parkhouse was out of the room on a First Aid call. Motion carried.

Volunteer Staff Reports
2001 Rally - Gray Buckley reported some problems with tardy on-site staffing of committee chair positions. The width of the entry gate has caused some problems; the gate is not wide enough for ingress and egress. As of 2:30 today the attendance count was approximately 2000.

2002 Rally - Don Faichney is showing a video of the site and providing information to members in the vendor area. Don introduced his two assistant rally chairs, Helmut Haus and Jean Copas. A complete listing of hotels, motels, and B&Bs will be on the website and in the magazine in August. Don has contacted 81 US vendors; all of them may not attend the rally because customs won't allow non-US made products back into the US. Most of the committee chairs have been appointed. The pin and patch design is done. There may be bank representation on-site; some areas of the rally may be dual currency.

Ambassador Report - Sue Rihn-Manke reported that Ambassador Emeritus Don Arquette passed away last week. Sue thanked Sandy Cohen for printing the Ambassador business cards at a cost much lower than the last order. The recent Ambassador mailing, including a t-shirt and other items from BMW NA, was positively received by the Ambassadors. BMW NA paid for that mailing.

Jim Shaw moved, seconded by George Glascock, to adjourn the open Board session.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Roberts, Recording Secretary

Approved by Secretary Deb Lower

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