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July 2000 Board Meeting

Summary of BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
Board of Directors Meeting held July 13, 2000 in Midland, Michigan
Deb Lower, BMW MOA Secretary

Present: President Paul Glaves, Vice president Jim Shaw, Treasurer Rob Lentini, Secretary Deb Lower, and Directors Matt Parkhouse, Don Hamblin, Tom Harbrecht, and George Glascock.  Ted Verrill was not present.  Staff members present included senior staff Tammy Leuthauser and Marilyn Roberts.   Volunteer staff present included Rally Chair and Ambassador Liaison Sue Rihn-Manke and Club Coordinator Greg Hutchinson.  Contractors present included Consultant Ed Youngblood, Managing Editor Sandy Cohen, Art Director Michael Cohen, and Advertising Director Ray Monroe.   Rally Site Search Committee members Don Faichney, Larry Stonestreet and Chick Morse were present, as well as a handful of other members.

The minutes of the April open board meeting were approved without corrections.

Sue Rihn-Manke, Ambassador Liaison, discussed a disagreement with the company that printed the Ambassador business cards, which will result in a higher printing cost than previously approved by the board.

Greg Hutchinson, Club Coordinator, reported that he is still receiving club renewals and that clubs that renewed late were not listed in the 2000 Anonymous book.  The club history series is continuing in the BMW Owners News.

Jim Shaw reported that the BMW MOA Foundation (MOAF) trustees meeting, which was held the previous day, was a positive start and that the MOAF should grow with strength.

Rob Lentini, Consumer Liaison, says that the initial avalanche of complaints has settled down and that there are currently three active issues.

BMW MOA’s Consultant, Ed Youngblood, discussed his recently submitted reports to the board: the third effort renewal letter and questionnaire project; an update of language on the Ambassador nomination form and in the Anonymous book; a plan for a new member survey; and board approval to begin planning a two day strategic planning meeting for board members, the new executive director, senior staff and key volunteer staff.

Treasurer, Rob Lentini, reported a good budget situation to date.  Currently, BMW MOA is approximately $117,000 under budget.  BMW MOA’s assets exceed $1 million, which is a testimony to the success of the organization and a rise in the stock market.

New developments from the Operations Committee, reported by Chairperson Deb Lower, included a new staff training reimbursement request form.

The Publications Committee report included a report by Sandy Cohen regarding travel, installation of a DSL line in the editorial office, collections updates, national rally program revenue, a printable When & Where form on the web for local rally chairs, and a general state of the magazine report.   Art Director, Michael Cohen, gave a report on computer-to-plate (CTP) technology and costs; the BMW Owners News could change to CTP as soon as this fall.  The BMW Owners News became completely digital as of the July issue.

Advertising Director, Ray Monroe, reported that 1999 was his best income year and this year is running about $26,000 ahead of last year.

New business included a presentation by Michael Mandell about a new insurance opportunity for members.  He discussed demographics, costs, discounts and history of his insurance offering, which can be found exclusively on the Internet at, and requested endorsement by BMW MOA.  President Paul Glaves referred the issue to the Operations Committee to be considered at a later time.

For foreign riders who do not benefit from the magazine, Canadian member, Helmut Haus, requested consideration of a reduced rate membership that does not include the magazine.  Paul Glaves referred the issue to the Publications Committee.

The 2001 National Rally location was announced as Redmond, Oregon, July 19-22.

The open meeting was recessed, to continue in executive session.

In executive session, Steve Cantrill and Bob and Mary Lindell were appointed as BMW MOA’s newest Ambassadors.  Gray Buckley was appointed as Rally Chair for the 2001 national rally in Redmond, OR.

Summary composed by Marilyn Roberts, reviewed and approved by BMW MOA Secretary, Deb Lower.

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