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February 2000 Board Teleconference

BMW MOA Board Teleconference Minutes
February 29, 2000

Present: Paul Glaves, President; Jim Shaw, Vice President; Rob Lentini, Treasurer; Deb Lower, Secretary; Directors Matt Parkhouse, George Glascock, Don Hamblin, Ted Verrill; Ed Youngblood, Consultant; Sandy Cohen, Managing Editor; Marilyn Roberts, Executive Assistant, Tammy Leuthauser, Office Manager. Not on the conference call, Director Tom Harbrecht.

Paul Glaves opened the meeting by stating that this conference call was called within the 30 days required by the By-laws. The following topics would be covered: 1) Ed Youngblood’s preliminary report, 2) Executive search, 3) Publications Committee item on CD-Rom Projects, 4) Operations Committee policy item on staff development and training.

CD-ROM Project. MOTION by Don Hamblin, second by Rob Lentini to table the CD-ROM project indefinitely. Voice vote: 7 yes. Motion passed.

Paul will work with Marilyn and Tammy to get a list of the individuals who supplied their copies of the BMW Owners News to the project. Don will draft a letter, which the office will mail, to those who have contributed, and Don will also draft a reply that can be used to answer email inquiries. A notification of this action will be put in the BMW Owners News.

MOTION by Rob Lentini, second by Deb Lower to give a $25 gift certificate redeemable for Country Store merchandise or for National Rally registration to those who were promised a free copy of the CD-ROM for their donation of magazines. Voice vote: 7 yes. Motion passed.

Staff Development and Training Policy – MOTION by Jim Shaw, second by Deb Lower to amend the BMW MOA Employee handbook to add the following item on Staff Development/Training:

Staff development/training and associated time away from office to participate in the approved training is compensated by BMW MOA. Compensated training is defined as courses to support job skill development in current position. BMW MOA does not intend to pay for tuition to obtain an initial or advanced degree. Further, BMW MOA does not compensate for time away from the office to attend classes not approved by supervisor, or, upon request of the supervisor, by the Board of Directors, as staff development/training.” Voice vote: 7 yes. Motion passed.

Ed Youngblood’s preliminary report – Ed will provide a more thorough state of the organization report at the next board meeting. At the meeting he will provide the Board with statistics and numbers that will put BMW MOA in context with other organizations and will walk the board through the 1995 and 1996 Drake reports, which he considers well done and useful. Ed encouraged the board to review the Drake reports before the next board meeting. Ed is not prepared to make clear recommendations at the present time, and he also prefers to do it face-to-face. The new executive director may play a role in some of Ed’s recommendations, so some recommendations may need to be delayed.

Rob commented on the executive director salary range/recommendations given in Ed’s report. Ed preferred that the board ignore the higher range, as not representative of our organization, and give consideration to the middle figure or the low figure. Rob will work with Marilyn, Tammy and Nancy to determine what the budget will support and where we might have to back off on the budget.

Paul appointed three individuals to serve on an executive search committee. MOTION by Rob Lentini, second by Jim Shaw that Jim Shaw, Matt Parkhouse and Deb Lower are appointed as the three members of an ad hoc committee for the purposes of recruitment and selection of the executive officer.

Discussion on the motion clarified the role of the new committee for structuring the search process and preparing a report for the board. The committee is an advisory committee only, not a decision making committee. The committee will work closely with Ed, and office help will be available to the committee. Jim stressed that all input be confidential to the board but made available to any board member who wants to see it; the appearance of elitism must be avoided. The board as a whole will make key decisions. Paul asked the committee to refine the February 24 Operations Committee report and to be as far into the process as possible by the April board meeting. Jim was designated as the committee chair.

Voice vote: 7 yes. Motion passed.

Other concerns were addressed as Paul stated that the new executive director would be an employee, not an outside contractor. Decisions will be made with legal counsel, including decisions about an employment agreement or employment contract. Concerning the committee’s travel budget, Rob will look at the BMW MOA budget and draw money from strategic planning. George expressed concern that a future board may come in and destroy all that this board has done, and that there will not be any continuity. Ed will have some recommendations relative to that concern.

Investment “Escape Options” – Rob requested guidance from Ed for input by the April board meeting for a smart strategy in the event that the market goes sour. Rob had previously given a strategy outline to Ed and Paul for their input.

Staff Authority Level – Marilyn asked for clarification of the level of authority that she and Tammy have. Paul’s guidance was to move forward where they feel comfortable, ask for board help when they don’t; make recommendations backed by facts; and follow policies.

President’s Column – Paul will offer the President’s Column space to any committee chair that would like to use it.

Office topics – Tammy asked about the feasibility of purchasing computer software to use in processing credit card charges. The existing charge machine is old and time consuming, but it would be kept for backup and for use at the national rally. It was suggested that Tammy ask Ted’s opinion (Ted had hung up his phone and was no longer participating in the teleconference) and buy it if he okay’s it.

Tammy asked about renewal form redesign as it pertains to a vendor who wants to print more even though we have a 4-month supply. Board members questioned the need, cost and authorization for the revised renewal form. Ed said there are bigger issues in the renewal process than form design and that he will be recommending proposals in this area. Tammy was instructed to work out the issues with Paul and Rob.

MOTION made by Jim Shaw and second by George Glascock) to adjourn. Motion passed.

Executive Search Committee members: Jim, Matthew, Deb and Ed stayed on the conference call to confirm plans for preparing materials for the April Board meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Marilyn Roberts, Recording Secretary
Deb Lower, BMW MOA Secretary


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